Meet Mavenoid — Q&A with Our Senior Frontend Engineer Thibaut Remy

We virtually sat down with Thibaut Remy, one of Mavenoid’s first Senior Frontend Engineers, to learn more about his experience at the company and how his role and the product have evolved over the past two years.

What made you decide to work at Mavenoid?
Gintas (our CTO) reached out to me on LinkedIn. I specifically remember his opening sentence: “We are a startup but unlike other startups, we do not pride ourselves in playing ping-pong or drinking beers (although we do that sometimes), we pride ourselves by doing great work.” That resonated with me, and I was in the state of mind where I needed that – more “great work” and less “beer pong.”

What motivates you to wake up and go to work? Specifically, how do you feel about going to work in the morning at Mavenoid?
My work never gets boring or frustrating. There are always new projects to do, and new challenges to solve. When I log-in in the morning, I am always looking forward to reading feedback from users, thinking about the solutions that can fix their problems, and working it all out.

How has the product evolved since you started?
The product itself has changed in so many ways over the past two years that I’ve been at Mavenoid. It’s hard to describe exactly what has changed, but it’s really like day and night. We’ve really grown from a company that was almost struggling to display proof of value, to a company that is confident in what we can provide to our users. There are countless things that we’ve built over the years that we are now proud of as a company.

What about the company?
On the organization side, the number of people I work with has been multiplied by 7 and we’ve gone remote-first with people located in countries all over the world, and Mavenoid truly embraces our international team’s culture. That made us go from a “1 person does 100 different jobs” type of organization to a “1 person does 10 different jobs.” We’re definitely more established than we used to be when we were 10.

Can you take us through a regular workday in your role?
I usually start with a cup of coffee catching up with the different threads that made progress overnight. We have a recurring daily Stand-Up meeting with the Product team every day at 11:00 CET and that’s pretty much the only thing that my days have in common. The rest depends on the current priorities, and alternates between working on some features, planning for the next 6-week sprint, giving feedback on planned, designed, or developed features, and helping with recruiting or onboarding some new Mavens.

Name three words that you associate with Mavenoid’s culture.
Respect, Ambition, Challenge.

What has been your favorite project at Mavenoid?
I loved working on our internal canvas tool. It’s a pan-and-zoom canvas where a user can add nodes, connect them, edit their contents, etc... It’s a type of interface that is very fun to use and fun to build. It has a lot of constraints that we need to keep in mind when building it which complicates its development but it’s in a good shape and I’m really proud of where we are right now.

What are you most excited about at Mavenoid?
I’m excited about the growth of the company — and can’t wait to see what Mavenoid will look like when we will be a 200 person company.  I welcome the new challenges that will come in our growth stage and am exhilarated to overcome them during the coming years to come.

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