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  • Content Marketing Lead
    Remote first
  • Business Developer
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  • Senior Frontend Engineer
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Why Mavenoid

Why you might want to work with us
  • The long view

    We’re on a journey to build a 100-year company.
  • We embrace the challenge

    You like to solve hard problems and do new things, not mimic others.
  • Small scale, big impact

    You want the upsides of joining a small company early: outsized impact, real ownership and accountability, faster learning, quicker decisions, less bureaucracy, meaningful equity.
  • A team of great talent

    You want to be surrounded by people who inspire you and can teach you something.

Why not Mavenoid

Why you might not want to work with us
  • We're not on a walk in the park

    You want to do something easy and friction-free. If this was easy, it would have been done already.
  • We don't follow others

    Not having a map makes you anxious. We know our destination, but not the exact path that will get us there. If this makes you nervous, you’ll do better at a larger company such as Google.
  • We won't hold your hand

    You struggle with self-discipline and staying motivated. In a small team, we all need to be able to rely on each other. This means we can only hire people that can be relied upon without micromanagement.
  • There are no guarantees

    You are risk averse. If you are driven by a high salary rather than meaningful ownership in the company, there are better options for you out there.