Less Chat, More Problem Solving

Mavenoid’s Virtual Assistant uses AI to automate product support by surfacing the exact content needed to solve each customer's question, whether they're looking for a new product, troubleshooting, or ordering replacement parts.

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58%+ Self-Service Resolution Rates

Mavenoid’s artificial intelligence is specifically trained to understand how products and devices work so your customers can successfully troubleshoot using their own words. No more endless chatbot loops and frustrated customers.

Product Support Built to Scale

Mavenoid’s powerful search engine finds and surfaces even the hardest to find product manuals, videos, and webpages. Customers receive support based on their individual preferences, allowing brands to offer personalized support for 100s of SKUs.

Integrate with Your Existing Support Tools

Connect Mavenoid to any tool that has an API. Use pre-built actions to easily create new tickets, update existing tickets, and communicate with your existing CRM platform — no-code required.

Hear From Our Customers

“Ensuring our CSAT and NPS scores continue is how we know we're meeting our customers' expectations (with Mavenoid)”
Derek Carder
Chief Operating Officer
at Frontpoint

Less Chat, More Problem Solving

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