Insights that Improve Products & Earn Revenue

Understand where customers pick up and drop off throughout a new sale or upsell process, identify common product issues, and ultimately turn customer support into a revenue generator.

Support Teams’ Effectiveness

Track self-service and live support resolution rates, how each piece of support content is performing, and when customers abandon troubleshooting — all from one dashboard.

Understand Cause and Effect

Turn qualitative customer feedback from automated support and live agent conversations into product improvements by identifying the root causes of broken components, confusing interfaces, and more.

Flexible Data Delivery

With Mavenoid’s API, fetch secure data from live agent and self-service conversations in real-time, transfer it to your data warehouse, and process it with your current business intelligence tools.

Hear From Our Customers

“We’ve been able to use the
Gap Analysis tool to add in
hundreds of new search terms
in the last few months.”
Noall Foxley
Customer Support Operations
Manager at Pura

Less Chat, More Problem Solving

Learn how Mavenoid solves problems
too complex for chatbots

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