One Virtual Assistant for 1,000s of SKUs

Automate customer service from product selection to warranty registration with an AI Virtual Assistant trained specifically to understand products and devices — from dishwashers to doorbells and more.

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Pre-Sales Support

Turn Website Visitors into New Customers

Help visitors discover new products and make purchase decisions in crowded product categories. Start building customer satisfaction with product buying guides that end with add-to-cart.

Post-Sales Support

Automated Troubleshooting

Mavenoid’s Virtual Assistant resolves over 58% of customer queries using AI trained to understand complex troubleshooting for products and devices. Chatbots only solve 9%.

Generative AI

Create & Measure Support Content

With Dynamic Help Center, retailers can manage support documentation for their many brands from one central hub. Use AI to write new documentation, translate it in over 50 languages, and identify opportunities to improve support content.


ALDI TALK uses Mavenoid’s AI-powered search and Virtual Assistant to
allow customers to quickly find product information.

Monthly Website Visitors
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Self-Service Resolution

Less Chat, More Problem Solving

Learn how Mavenoid solves problems
too complex for chatbots

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