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Live webinar
January 27
11–11:30 am ET, Zoom

How Easee self-serves 70% of support requests

Tune in to find out how Easee, an innovative green-tech company that develops and manufactures EV chargers for commercial and residential use across Europe, has leveraged Mavenoid to improve self-service and resolution rates.


Future-proofing your online help center

Join us for an exciting webinar where Courtney Goodsell, Product Manager at Mavenoid, will share insights and strategies to make your help center future-proof.


Why chatbots suck at support

In this 30-minute webinar, you’ll learn why chatbots aren’t made for support, and how to make up for it. Hosted by Lucas Otterling, Mavenoid’s Head of Partnership Acquisition.


AI+People: A hybrid approach to CX

Learn how to use the hybrid support model to improve customer satisfaction and support agent efficiency. This webinar is hosted by Jared Accettura, Mavenoid’s Head of Sales Development.