On-demand webinar

How Easee self-serves 70% of support requests

What we'll cover

Like many hardware companies, Easee has experienced large volumes of repetitive support requests, causing external and internal challenges. Easee was looking for a self-service solution that would automate common queries to shorten the wait time for customers while freeing up time for agents and cutting costs.

Join Ross Simpson, Global Strategic Manager (CE) at Easee, and Nils Wägmark, Account Manager at Mavenoid, to learn how Easee leveraged Mavenoid to reach a self-resolution rate of 70%. With this, they significantly shortened wait times, expanded agent bandwidth, and were able to capture solid data to establish a proactive feedback loop between support and engineering.

Key takeaways

How to lower wait times, improve resolution rates, and cut costs with self-service

How to reduce attrition by streamlining internal processes with Mavenoid

How to measure the success of your help center: what key metrics to track and analyze to identify gaps and areas of improvement


Nils Wägmark
Account Manager at Mavenoid
Ross Simpson
Global Strategic Manager (CE) at Easee