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Mavenoid is the future of product support
We use advanced tech to enable every product company to provide amazing support to their customers, whenever they need it. It requires courage, skill, and creativity. Our team is united by being true doers and problem-solvers.

Working at Mavenoid

“I get to work with super smart, fun people, and take on big challenges. And the best part? Our product is changing people’s lives for the better every single day.”
Galina Ryzhenko
VP of Product
“When everybody you work with is highly talented, you keep learning not only from your close colleagues with similar skills, but from all business areas."
Thibaut Remy
Engineering Team Lead
“Building (and breaking) things together with smart people is awesome. At Mavenoid you can do it from home, the office, the weekend house or wherever you prefer to be.”
Lucas Otterling
Head of Partnerships
We’re building a world class, remote-first company
Being remote-first allows us to work with the best people, wherever they are based. Our team is currently spread evenly between Europe and the US. We invest in the right tools (and people) to ensure that communication, collaboration and culture can all thrive. Prefer an office? We have those too.

Why Mavenoid

The long view

We’re on a journey to build a 100-year company.

We embrace the challenge

You like to solve hard problems and do new things, not mimic others.

Small scale, big impact

You want the upsides of joining a small company early. We're still small enough (60 mavens) for each person to shape the company and their role. We offer outsized impact, real ownership and accountability, faster learning, quicker decisions, less bureaucracy, and meaningful equity.

A team built on skill and honesty

You want to be surrounded by people who inspire you and can teach you something new. We look for spikiness, people with one superpower. And we’re radical about truth. We share our opinions directly and expect to be challenged.

Why not Mavenoid

We're not a walk in the park

You want to do something easy and friction-free. If this was easy, it would have been done already.

We don't follow others

Not having a map makes you anxious. We know our destination, but not the exact path that will get us there. If this makes you nervous, you’ll do better at an established slow-moving company.

We won't hold your hand

You struggle with self-discipline and staying motivated. In a small team, we all need to be able to rely on each other. This means we can only hire people who can be relied upon without micromanagement.

There are no guarantees

You are risk averse. If you're driven by a high salary rather than meaningful ownership in the company, there are better options for you out there.

Perks and benefits

Meal allowance

At Mavenoid we offer meal allowance to reduce the friction in this one part of your life, so you don’t have to worry about getting nutritious food that you like when you have lots of other things on your plate.

Sponsored social activities

We encourage everyone to do social activities together. We cover expenses for activities where four or more Mavens participate.

Your custom home office
We want everyone to be as comfortable as possible from their home office. We cover the costs of an ergonomic home office setup and zero friction for getting the tools you need.
Virtual first, office optional
We don’t believe in strict working hours or strict working places. Are you an early bird or a night owl? Do you prefer working from the office, from home or from somewhere else? We leave that up to you.
Health insurance
Europe: Top-tier private medical insurance.

US: Medical, dental, and vision. 100% coverage for the individual, 75% coverage for the family.
Swedish-style vacation
Rested Mavens work better. Therefore all Mavens enjoy a minimum of 25 vacation days (standard in Sweden since 1977!). Regional holidays are on top of that. And unlimited sick days, of course.
Fitness fund
We cover the cost of gym memberships or other fitness activities up to a value of approximately $600 per year (some local variations apply).
Meaningful equity
We grant stock options to all of our employees because we believe that everyone who works here should own a part of Mavenoid.
Continuous learning
Unlimited books, 3 days off per year to focus on personal development and up to $2,500 for courses, conferences and other learning material.

Open positions

Apply to open positions through our careers portal (opens in a separate tab). We are always on the lookout for talented people, so if you can't see a role that fits your skillset, consider sending us an open application along with your Linkedin profile, CV and any other relevant information to

Disclaimer: Beware of scammers impersonating Mavenoid employees. We never reach out via text or chat platforms; all available roles are posted on our website. If you’re unsure about the legitimacy of a communication you’ve received, email