Troubleshooting with AI

Automated technical support that helps your customers help themselves

Help Customers Help Themselves

Automate up to 80 % of troubleshooting in less than a week

Free up time

Free up human agents to focus on problems that require a human touch.

Save money

Automate all repetitive but potentially complex troubleshooting.

Increase satisfaction

Replace longs waits with instant answers, around the clock.

Some of Our Projects

From cloud-connected trucks to mission-critical military systems

Diagnose. Solve. Learn.

Troubleshooting like you’ve never seen it before

Built for Speed

Free-form text or voice to start explaining your problem, but multiple-choice questions to narrow down the possible solutions.

Quick Setup

Takes days to deploy, not months. Earn back your investment within one or two months.

Mavenoid question and diagnoses


Unlike chatbots, answer questions in any order you want, change your answers, and don’t worry if you make a few mistakes.

Easy Integration

Embed into your app or website by pasting one line of code, or use our API.


Your Troubleshooting Infrastructure

Organize and manage all of your diagnostic data in one place

Mavenoid’s platform is based on our proven approach for combining human knowledge and judgment with large amounts of data and machine learning. On top of this platform, we build products that push the envelope of troubleshooting.

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Bootstrap your virtual agent with expert knowledge to quickly start learning from each and every interaction.


We conduct regular penetration tests and are compliant with European data privacy laws and ISO standards.

Amplify human intelligence, don’t replace it.

The future of troubleshooting is here.