For too long, support teams have faced the pains of repetitive troubleshooting, long resolution times, high operational costs and inefficient field-service. Mavenoid’s groundbreaking platform allows you to automate operations, save time, harness your team's knowledge, and boost customer happiness.

Support throughout the user journey

Great product support is all-encompassing. It means being there for your users whenever they need you, not just when something goes wrong. Mavenoid is built to meet the increasing expectations on product support, even when you are working with limited resources.

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Automate repetitive requests

A unique diagnostic approach coupled with guided troubleshooting lets customers solve their own issues without the help of agents. Real problem-solving instead of frustrating deflection.

“Mavenoid gives us the ability to scale automated support to all our markets, without losing the local and personal touch Husqvarna is known for.”
Girish Agarwal
Director AI Lab, Husqvarna Group
“What we like best about Mavenoid is reducing the incoming inquiries by a large percentage. The whole process from start to finish has been excellent and we have been supported in making the most optimal decisions to allow for us to best serve our customers.”
Ross S., International Customer Excellence Manager, Mid-Market, 51–1000 employees
”It is so easy and intuitive to work with. No coding skills are needed. Mavenoid covers all our needs to support technicians in their work. They can run the troubleshooting models and on top of that, we can offer chat, video calls, and sharing material in the model itself and during the chat.”
User in Mechanical or Industrial Engineering, Enterprise, 1000+ employees
“Mavenoid has been a great company to work with. From the sales process to the implementation, the company is A1. They take the time to understand your business and needs. They do their research! So refreshing! We are super excited to continue expanding upon their technology.”
User in Consumer Electronics,
Enterprise, 1000+ employees
”The team has been great to work with. From taking the time to understand our needs during the initial intake calls to the seamless integration and the continued support following the go-live. They have been incredibly patient with us and offer creative solutions to our various requests.”
User in Computer Software,
Mid-Market, 51–1000 employees

Remote support that works for hardware

With seamless escalation to live support, agents can jump in and solve complex issues remotely, rather than in-person. It means faster help for customers, lower costs for companies.

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Make all your knowledge accessible

Create, update and deliver product knowledge in a scaleable, user-friendly way. Autogenerate new support content, integrate your existing FAQs and manuals, and improve the knowledge base with the combined force of our AI and your agents’ suggestions.

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