Live support

Remote support made for hardware

With Mavenoid live support, agents can jump in and solve complex issues remotely via chat, voice and even over video. Faster help for customers, lower costs for companies.

Too many hardware companies continue to rely on inefficient in-person service, where unnecessary site-visits and product returns cause delays and high costs for both companies and their customers. With remote service, support teams can offer instant personal help, saving money while increasing customer loyalty and satisfaction.
In-person service costs companies eight times more than remote service.

Remote and self-service seamlessly integrated

Escalation to live support from Mavenoid self-service can’t be easier. Customers experience one cohesive session and don't have to repeat themselves, while agents get full context on issues and attempted solutions.

One-click video support

Mavenoid’s live video support runs smoothly in the browser without needing to transfer to an outside video calling system.  Agents can point, pause, zoom, and draw on the video feed to walk users through complicated instructions intuitively and efficiently.

“Mavenoid helped us understand our customers better. We learned what they liked, disliked, and wanted from our service. Thanks to Mavenoid, we were able to adapt and improve our support experience.”
Anders Dahlberg
Co-founder & Head of Product,

Power to the agent

The agent dashboard is optimized for technical product support and built around the needs of agents. Jump into focused troubleshooting via chat or video, without losing track of other conversations or what the rest of the team is doing.

Give better answers faster with Mavenoid Copilot

With the Mavenoid Copilot browser extension, agents can efficiently search your entire knowledge base for answers, and then easily share the solutions with customers via any channel: Salesforce, Zendesk, Freshdesk, LiveChat, Gmail, and more.

Feedback loops for continuous improvement

As tickets are solved, agents make the product assistant smarter by telling it what worked. This continuous input quickly improves both self-service and live support.