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Husqvarna boosts their customer happiness index by automating thousands of support conversations monthly

Husqvarna Group is a global leader in outdoor power equipment with a history of innovation that spans more than 330 years. The company offers a wide range of products, from chainsaws and trimmers to robotic lawn mowers.
The Mavenoid Effect
  • Best-in-class self-service resolution rate
  • Tens of thousands of automated support conversations per month
  • Live on 16 markets, supporting customers in 13 languages

The opportunity:
Upgrading Husqvarna’s support capabilities during business transformation

As Husqvarna’s products started to become more digital and connected, customer expectations evolved. Customers increasingly expected to receive immediate and straightforward solutions to their issues regardless of their location or chosen support channel. This trend, together with Husqvarna’s transition from a business-to-business to a direct-to-consumer model, increased the complexity of their support operations.

Recognizing these demands and the pressure they placed on their customer service centers, Husqvarna sought a strategic partner to help navigate this transformation. Mavenoid, known for our powerful AI-technology and deep expertise in automating hardware support, became Husqvarna’s vendor of choice in 2019.

“We are very satisfied with the outcomes, and only wish we’d partnered with Mavenoid sooner. Their support automation platform allows us to enhance the customer service, continuously boosting our customer happiness index. And the more customers we can make happy, the more fulfilling our work becomes.”
Jonas Sjölund
Product Manager – Digital Customer Support Solutions, Husqvarna Group

The solution:
Scalable, personalized self-service smoothly integrated in Husqvarna’s website and apps

The initial collaboration between Mavenoid and Husqvarna involved creating self-service support flows for 50 products, and integrating the AI-powered product assistant into a few regional websites in four languages. As of June 2023, Mavenoid’s product assistant is live on sixteen markets supporting customers in thirteen languages, and by September 2023 it’s planned to have support automation implemented in nineteen markets and sixteen languages.

The results have been consistently impressive, with self-service product support flows driving a 30%+ resolution rate back in 2020. It has steadily increased since, and, in the words of Husqvarna, today "is beyond expectation." The number of support conversations has also multiplied, having grown from just a few thousand per month back in 2020.

As a segment of customers still need or prefer human support interaction, Husqvarna and Mavenoid also integrated an efficient escalation flow on the company’s website and in the Automower Connect app. Customers can now seamlessly escalate support requests to both dealers and call centers depending on the type of the topic and its complexity, allowing Husqvarna to continue to resolve customer issues with the personal touch the brand is known and loved for.

The Mavenoid product assistant is integrated on Husqvarna’s website as a widget.

Key features implemented

Al-guided self-service troubleshooting
Mavenoid helps customers narrow down possible solutions fast with simple diagnostic questions.

Actionable insights
Maintaining and improving the quality of self-service is made easy with proactive support content gap analysis, dashboards with key metrics and regular insights from qualitative feedback.

Streamlined support content localization
Built-in translation management capabilities help scale support content easily across thousands of products, regions, languages and brands.

Smart escalation
Requests that need a human touch are automatically routed to the right person, along with the case history.

Learn more:
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Husqvarna Product Manager, Jonas Sjölund, shares his experience of how Husqvarna successfully transformed their support system into a modern direct-to-customer service, with Mavenoid as a key pillar.