Product update

Introducing the importance of Assistant Webpages in support

When it comes to customer support, customers want answers now not tomorrow. In fact, when a customer first encounters a problem with a product, their first thought is no longer to pick up the phone and call a support representative, but instead, they want to find the answers themselves online.

According to Harvard Business Review, across industries, 81% of customers attempt to take matters into their own hands before reaching out to a support team.

It’s evident that customers want to fix their problems by themselves, but is looking through hundreds of pages on Google to find the right answer the best way to effectively resolve their issues? No.

That’s why we at Mavenoid came up with our latest product update: Assistant Webpages. Read on to learn exactly what Assistant Webpages are, how they work, and how they can up-level your tech support.

Why did we create Assistant Webpages?

As mentioned above, we recognize that most customers use Google or other search engines when first looking up a solution for a specific hardware support problem.

When people search for product issues on Google, the top results are typically unofficial Youtube videos and Reddit posts. Customers may also end up in forums facing walls of text that are difficult to decipher. Both outcomes create a negative support experience not only for users but for brands themselves.

Let’s breakdown why these unofficial pages are not only harmful to users but for brands themselves:

  • Brands can’t control the content/“narrative” of those unofficial solutions and they can’t be updated.
  • Unofficial solutions might be unreliable and may even harm the reputation of the product and brand.
  • Brands can’t redirect people to live support or offer them other help with their issues.

The solution to this negative support experience? Assistant Webpages.

Mavenoid’s mission is to provide the best support for users of hardware products in the world. In order to serve that mission, we need to make it easy for those users to find us wherever they look for solutions to the issues they have with their favorite products, and Assistant Webpages do just that.

But what exactly are Assistant Webpages?

Assistant webpages are what people see when they have Google-specific issues or problems, and instead of searching through multiple pages to find help, they are instantly directed to the official product pages powered by the Mavenoid platform. These Assistant Webpages resemble Mavenoid’s actual assistant, which is designed to maximize the likelihood that the end-user actually resolves his or her issue.

Specifically, Assistant Webpages help combine the discoverability of webpages indexed by a major search engine, like Google, with the content management, scalability, and rich interactivity of the Mavenoid product assistant.

The result? Users can get recommended solutions right away or launch the assistant to continue the support journey from the most relevant point.

Here is an example of an Assistant Webpage. It has all the content in the Mavenoid assistant, but with elements that help integrate it into the customer’s existing search.

But how are they different from my CRM knowledgebase articles, which are also SEO-optimised?

The answer is: unlike typical knowledge base articles, our Assistant Webpages are interactive, customers can confirm if the problem is solved, continue troubleshooting to see relevant alternative solutions suggested by AI, or get help from the live support. None of the standard knowledge base tools can do that.

Assistant Webpages benefit you

Assistant Webpages help you, help your customers.

How exactly? Unlike other knowledge base articles, assistant webpages are not a dead end. If the solution they offer doesn't work, the user can immediately take the most relevant next step to a resolution with a single click. Here are just a few of the main benefits:

  • They help people who google issues with products find help and solutions as quickly as possible.
  • Assistant Webpages enable customers to capture conversations related to issues and solutions with their products.
  • They prevent people from going to unofficial sites and using wrong and bad solutions.

Real results with Assistant Webpages

Assistant Webpages allow your customers to find answers quickly, accurately, and efficiently. Meaning you can reduce the number of negative support experiences and thus lead to a better overall CX experience for both your support team and customers.

So are you ready to up-level your support? Implement Assistant Webpages today.