Makes the mow!Makes the snap!Makes the spin!Makes the fly!Makes the lift!Makes the print!Makes the roll!

Mavenoid automates tech support for any product. Start freeing up time and get happier customers now.

Mavenoid Troubleshooter in front of a scooter

An expert at your customer’s fingertips

Troubleshoot tough problems, give expert advice, and answer time-consuming questions before they reach your support team.How does it work?
From printers and dishwashers to robotic lawn mowers and drones, Mavenoid is powering tech support for the world’s leading manufacturers.

Solve repetitive requests before they reach your human agents

Mavenoid’s virtual expert takes care of not only troubleshooting, but all repetitive requests early and fast. Your support team will deal only with the tickets that really require their expertise.
  • 73% lower problem resolution time
  • 44% lower cost per customer contact
  • 20% higher customer satisfaction

Here's how it works

A customer has a problem or needs other technical support
They meet Mavenoid via your website, chat, email or other channel
The customer solves the issue with guidance from the virtual expert
Mavenoid creates a transcript in your CRM system for future use
Case closed!

“I predict that Mavenoid becomes our infrastructure for solving technical problems”

Jan Ackalin
Jan Ackalin
Head of Automation
Alfa Laval

Let Mavenoid handle it

  • Troubleshooting & Maintenance
  • Setup & Installation
  • Updates & Configuration
  • Usage & Operation
  • Overhaul & Inspection
  • Help & Advice

Automate your tech support now

Get started with your first virtual expert in less than 20 minutes.