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Mavenoid is the scalable support solution for hardware companies.
Withself-service and live support in one, you’re always ready to help your customers—from setup, to daily use, to troubleshooting.
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Mavenoid is built for hardware support.
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From printers and speakers to dishwashers and robots. Mavenoid powers product support for the world’s most iconic brands.See customer stories

Seamless product support that gets to work in days, not months.

  • Turn your knowledge & expertise into a working product assistant in minutes
  • Automate your repetitive inquiries such as troubleshooting, installation, warranty handling and more
  • Effortless escalations with a suite of live support tools
  • NEWYour agents can be more interactive withlive videosupport
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Less chit-chat,
More problem-solving
Chatbots are built to handle simple requests and promote leisurely conversations. Chit-chat. That’s not us. We help you solve real problems—like making your customers’ products work again if they suddenly stop.
We’re not a chatbot
The core of Mavenoid is the diagnosis engine. It uses an AI that works a lot like the human brain when it solves problems. The engine makes Mavenoid unique. We’re the first commercially available platform that enables you to automate troubleshooting of advanced technical problems. Not just the simple stuff.
Mavenoid’s self-service solves repetitive requests before they reach your human support team. Humans will deal only with the tickets that really require their expertise, through Mavenoid live support.

Experience support that really works

Unlike generic support tools that focus on deflection, Mavenoid is all about solutions.

Schedule a demo and experience how Mavenoid meets customers with the right level of support to take them seamlessly from request to solution.
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Girish AgarwalDirector AI LabHusqvarna Group
Mavenoid gives us the ability to scale automated support to all our markets.Explore the customer story

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