Product update

Introducing Mavenoid AI Retrieval

Hardware companies realize that their customers demand convenient, efficient, and timely answers when they request help. That's why these companies invest thousands of hours and dollars to provide self-service support.

However, even when providing self-service options, it typically still requires a lot of effort from the customer to get answers. Why? Most often than not, these customers still have to sift through hundreds of product documentation pages, such as manuals and FAQs, to find the right answer — no wonder they get frustrated and give up. Mavenoid recognizes this challenge, and that's why we are excited to introduce our latest product update — AI Retrieval. Now, your customers can say goodbye to the struggles of locating the proper product documentation for their hardware to resolve their issues and hello to seamless self-service support. Read on to learn what AI Retrieval is, how it works, and where you can implement it.

What is AI Retrieval?

AI Retrieval is a smart solution that provides answers to customer questions with snippets of relevant info retrieved from documents such as manuals, instructions, webpages, etc  —  helping companies leverage all the existing documentation in their Mavenoid self-service assistant.

Meaning? Companies can invest time in crafting self-service content for high-frequency and high-importance scenarios and let AI take care of the rest. Our AI will digest uploaded documents, break them down into snippets and enable them to be instantly searchable in the assistant.

How exactly? Let's dive into how AI Retrieval works, and we'll show you how.

How does AI Retrieval work for the customer?

1. Ask a question - our Intent Recognition will understand its meaning and start searching for answers in all the available documentation.

2. Get relevant suggestions - results will include hand-crafted content from the support flow, as well as AI Retrieval snippets from the documents that match what the customer is asking.

3. Read the snippet - our AI will fast-track to the page with the relevant answer for convenience. It will also suggest other relevant solutions on the same topic, often anticipating additional questions customers may ask next.

4. Get more info, if needed - Need more information? No worries, our AI Retrieval has you covered. Customers can read the whole document or download it to the device.

How to help your support team implement AI Retrieval?

Analyze Impact - Generate valuable insights, KPIs, and focus areas from tickets and usage data.

The result? Your data doesn't lie - AI Retrieval identifies the most popular requests and enables your team to focus on the difficult questions.

Model for Frequency - Focus your support flow building effort on detailed solutions and guides to the most frequent requests.

The result? Instead of vague answers to your customers' questions, they get high-quality, in-depth answers to actually resolve their problems.

Provide Documents - Upload manuals instructions and give links to web-based documents such as FAQs.

The result? Our AI has plenty of material to answer the specific questions of your customers.

Achieve Completeness with AI - Turn on the retrieval and start answering questions with snippets from your docs.

The result? No matter how rare the question, our AI will find the accurate answer to the vast majority of your users' inquiries.

What makes AI Retrieval Unique?

  • Works on any documentation, even unstructured.
  • Combines hand-crafted content with AI-updated content to ensure the correct answer.
  • Puts large volumes of content to work and keeps it up to date.
  • It goes straight to the document area that has the answer.
  • Provides trustworthy solutions from official sources.

Getting all the answers is now effortless

AI Retrieval is the new tool you need for your customers to self-service their products. With it, you can increase self-service coverage while decreasing your time to resolution and support team maintenance costs. Not only does it instantly provide results to your customers, but it also enables lasting effects with keeping track of the data to improve future self-service requests from its robust analytics.

Stop scrolling through hundreds of pages and start providing seamless answers that your customers want now.

Try AI Retrieval today!