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Why Mavenoid was built for product support

Only 12% of customers believe companies when they claim their biggest priority is “putting customers first.” But what if you could really commit to that promise—with a support solution that is truly customer-centric, personalized, and seamless? If a chatbot or never-ending wait for a tech agent comes to mind, think again.

21st-century customers want the best of both worlds: a hybrid support model that leverages the best of AI and humans across channels—providing the right level of support at the right time. Efficiency, personalization, and seamlessness are the name of the game in 2022—and here’s how Mavevoid delivers.

What are Mavenoid’s five pillars of phenomenal product support?

When consumers seek out product support, they have a specific set of expectations in mind. They may even be wary of the help they’re going to get, knowing that generic support solutions have proved unhelpful or time-consuming in the past.

Here’s what they really want:

  1. Speed: Customers don’t want to twiddle their thumbs as hold music plays over the phone, or to be stuck in a chat queue for thirty minutes. They want instant self-help. In fact, 90% of customers rate an “immediate” response as essential or very important when they have a customer service question.
  2. Ease: Customers don’t want to jump through hoops to resolve their issues. That’s why 67% of people prefer self-service over speaking to a company representative.
  3. Seamlessness: Customers want seamless support on the channels they use most often, with over 60% of U.S. consumers preferring automated self-service—such as a website or mobile app—for simple customer service tasks.
  4. Personalization: Customers want a personalized troubleshooting experience to resolve their issues. In fact, a study from Epsilon found that 80% of consumers are more likely to do business with a company that offers customized experiences.
  5. Effectiveness: Customers want solutions that work, not vague suggestions that send them further down the rabbit hole. While this may sound obvious, it’s worth emphasizing: add more problems to a customer’s plate, and you may lose them entirely.

What sets Mavenoid apart from generic solutions?

With these expectations in mind, Mavenoid flips the script on traditional product support—recognizing that one size does not fit all when it comes to consumer questions, concerns, and technical support. Let’s see how.

FAQS, user manuals, and content documentation
Generic Product Support: A limited list of simple questions or long-winded resources that often don’t consider complex technical problems. Customers may have a highly specific question, or feel overwhelmed navigating a sea of confusing content.

The Mavenoid Difference: Nuanced problem-solving capabilities - Purpose-built for supporting users of physical products, machines, devices, and gadgets, Mavenoid understands that technical issues can’t be reduced to simple definitions or one-size-fits-all.

Automated support
Generic Product Support: Technology including chatbots, natural language processing, smart suggestions, automatic ticket creation, and intelligent routing.

The Mavenoid Difference: AI-guided self-service - With Mavenoid, you can automate any support flow for any product, going a step farther from simple FAQs to advanced self-service and troubleshooting.

Human support:
Generic Product Support: Dedicated tech agents who support customers over phone calls, online chats, email, or video calls.

The Mavenoid Difference: Balance of self-service and live support - With problem definition, self-service, and live video support smoothly connected, customers get the personalization of human support when they need it—paired with the efficiency of self-service.

Traditional chatbot solutions:
Generic Product Support:While chatbots offer a cost-effective, 24/7 automated solution, they tend to make the same mistakes twice because they are hard-coded. Repeating unhelpful solutions to the same problems only leaves customers frustrated—or gone altogether.

The Mavenoid Difference: Smart feedback loops - Machine learning works seamlessly across the Mavenoid platform. When tickets are solved, either by humans or bots, new data is fed back into the system—keeping content up to date, making troubleshooting more accurate, improving canned responses, and paving the path to a superior customer experience.

Generic Product Support: Repetition in troubleshooting between different channels - Solutions that don’t sync customer problems across channels mean customers have to re-explain themselves.

The Mavenoid Difference: A seamless support experience - Customers get one access point for all requests, and never have to repeat themselves.

Support Data
Generic Product Support: Limited data about customer interactions - Without sufficient data about the kinds of problems customers face and resolution rates, companies can’t improve their products—or their product support.

The Mavenoid Difference: Resolution rate analytics - Mavenoid provides access to detailed analytics to help you improve both resolution rate and customer satisfaction. That way, you only get better at anticipating needs and solving problems.

How is Mavenoid specialized for different products across industries?

Mavenoid is a scalable support solution for hardware companies around the world and across industries. Knowing that the user experience is different depending on the product, Mavenoid focuses on customizable solutions for hundreds of brands, spanning:

  • Multimedia
  • EV chargers
  • Fitness machines
  • Smart homes
  • Household appliances
  • Small home appliances
  • Large home appliances
  • Consumer electronics
  • Power equipment
  • Micromobility

How are companies worldwide using Mavenoid to provide exceptional support to their users?

For brands like Husqvarna BSH Hausgeräte, Jabra, and Bicelo, Mavenoid offers a unique support solution that can adapt to any industry and product.

But don’t take our word for it—companies across the board are in agreement that superior product support yields impressive results:

  • For home appliances company BSH, improved online troubleshooting translated into 85% top-ratings from customers, 70% more self-service resolution, and 16% fewer field service bookings.
  • For audio equipment company Jabra, time spent on warranty claims was reduced by more than 40% as Mavenoid helped them support 6 products in 6 countries—in only a 6-week rollout period.
  • For e-bike rental service Bicelo, the self-service resolution rate improved by 40% in only a 3-week rollout period.

What are you waiting for? The time is now to embrace purpose-built product support.

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