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Why does implementation speed matter for product support?

In today’s fast-paced, digital environment, customers are quick to change loyalties and give their business to competitors if your support experience is lacking.

In fact, an American Express study found that ​​33% of U.S. customers would consider switching companies immediately following just one instance of poor service.

Effective, customer-centric product support is key—but a seamless, speedy launch is equally important. In a crowded marketplace, you can’t afford to leave customers hanging with subpar product support. Here’s why speed to launch matters—and how Mavenoid delivers with speedy innovation.

Why implementation time matters for product support

Losing a valuable customer is not only disappointing—it’s costly. Avoidable customer churn costs U.S. businesses a staggering $136 billion annually. Product support is all too familiar with this loss.

In a Microsoft survey of 5,000 people across the globe, 96% of respondents said customer service is important to their choice of loyalty to a brand. But unfortunately, 54% of customers report that customer service feels like an afterthought rather than a top priority to the brands they buy from.

This feeling is only exacerbated when product support implementations drags on and on. In some cases, product support implementation can take half a year or longer. This leaves customers frustrated, and hardware companies exasperated.

Picture this: After tons of research, you’ve finally found what seems to be the perfect product support solution. It’s cost-effective, efficient, and adaptable to your unique needs.

Your excitement is short-lived. Rather than accessing the speedy solution you anticipated and watching customer satisfaction improve, you’re left twiddling your thumbs as the implementation process drags on…and on. And on. After months and months of waiting, you have regrets about the solution you chose.

For this reason, it’s important to choose a solution with a clear implementation plan from the outset. In this process, you might consider:

  • Who are the major stakeholders in this effort?
  • What are my product support goals? (Think resolution rate, customer satisfaction, and so on.)
  • What is my ideal implementation timeline?
  • Does this partner have the capacity to meet that deadline?

The key to getting—and staying—ahead in today’s market? An excellent product support solution that is quick to implement. Here’s what that looks like with Mavenoid.

How Mavenoid specializes in speedy launches

Mavenoid’s solution offers a faster and lower-lift implementation than many other software providers in the market. At a high-level, our implementation process includes:

  • Doing an impact analysis. We use our AI engine to analyze your historical support requests and determine specific focus areas. From there, we can automate common issues that are relevant to your unique product.
  • Transferring existing support content and technical documentation to our platform. This helps us start building troubleshooting models. Drawing from past data, we can identify what causes recurring issues and build models that troubleshoot for these specific problems—rather than general issues that may not be relevant to your users.
  • Integrating into all relevant systems for a full launch. The entire process can take between 2 and 8 weeks long. For audio equipment company Jabra, time spent on warranty claims was reduced by more than 40% as Mavenoid helped them support 6 products in 6 countries—in only a 6-week rollout period.

The Mavenoid difference

A smooth implementation process calls for an efficient, organized support system. Mavenoid’s team of implementation experts helps you every step of the way, analyzing gaps in your flows to build more relevant content for your customers.

From there, we help you train your team so they are empowered to fill in gaps and make ongoing improvements.

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