Product update

Mavenoid Version History enhancements

Enabling safer collaboration when building Mavenoid Flows, managing changes to self-service support scenarios is now easier and safer. With the recent Version History enhancements, not only can content creators see who made edits and when, you can now also undo the changes by reverting to the previously published version of the flow.

What is Version History?
Bringing peace of mind for modelers and enabling safer collaboration on the same canvas. In addition to tracking all changes to the flow, modelers can now easily roll back by choosing the most recent version by simply selecting the restore option. It supports the restoration of nodes, connections, text and image edits, as well as components and step-by-step guides.

Why did we create Version History?
We understand that maintaining multiple tracks of changes simultaneously on one canvas with a range of powerful integrations can mean accidents sometimes happen, for example updates and changes outside of Mavenoid may not go quite as planned and so rolling back temporarily is the perfect way to minimise any potential impact on your customers.

One way we had seen this addressed was that modelers would create backups of large flows or even separate "staging" environments to keep versions of a flow, this clearly created an additional administrative burden and potential confusion and risk of error when publishing.

So by simplifying the restoration process in a natural and easy way, we have made it simpler to manage flows with confidence and significantly reducing the potential overhead of choosing to manage multiple versions.

To summarize, modelers can revert a canvas to a previously published version of a flow, leading to enhanced collaboration and ultimately better support experiences.  
This is just one of several recent updates to Mavenoid and goes hand in hand with Building flows together with real-time collaboration and reviewing flows together, safely - with our new Reviewer and Contributor user roles all of which ensure Mavenoid continues to be the leader for hardware product support.

Try Version History safe in the knowledge that a simple undo is just a few clicks away.

Further details of which can be found here in our recent Product Pulse Update