Product update

Streamline support with Mavenoid Copilot

Mavenoid’s mission is to provide everyone with a virtual product expert at their fingertips. Millions of users have benefited from our AI Assistant for hardware support. Now it’s time for support teams to enjoy the same. We’re excited to announce our latest product update — Mavenoid Copilot.

We created Mavenoid Copilot to remove the burden for support team members of navigating through various tools and tabs to solve a customer's issue. This new tool helps your team quickly find answers to customers’ questions and immediately reply in any app - without switching tabs. Read on to learn more about Mavenoid Copilot and how it helps streamline support.

What is Mavenoid Copilot?

Mavenoid Copilot is a browser extension designed for customer support teams to access and share knowledge with their customers. With Mavenoid Copilot, teams can quickly discover answers to product questions and share them with customers via any app: Salesforce, Zendesk, Freshdesk, LiveChat, Gmail, and more.

With Mavenoid Copilot you can:

  • Quickly find relevant content thanks to AI-powered search, pre-trained for hardware products and services
  • Preview the content suggestions, including interactive step-by-step guides, images, and videos
  • Share snippets of content in any app. Choose to send text, all content, or interactive Assistant link
  • After receiving a recommended solution, customers can continue on their own inside Mavenoid’s AI-powered assistant via the Assistant link

How does Mavenoid Copilot work?

Getting Started

Since Mavenoid Copilot is a browser extension, the first step in getting it to work is downloading it from the chrome web store. All you have to do is make sure you are logged into your Mavenoid organization, search for the Mavenoid Copilot extension, select ‘Add to Chrome,’ make sure it is a pinned extension, and then you are all set to use!

Note: Mavenoid Copilot also works in other browsers: such as Edge and Opera

Using Search

Simply matching keywords isn’t enough. Mavenoid’s Copilots intelligent search understands the intent behind users’ requests and gives your team more relevant content suggestions.

To begin your search, simply open up Mavenoid Copilot, select your product from the drop-down menu, and type into the search bar. Voila!

Copying content

In an effort to simplify instructions for customers, we break down the solutions into steps rather than long articles. With Mavenoid Copilot you can easily copy and paste these steps within various apps and seamlessly send the right answer your customers need to resolve their questions. We also provide various options of how you want to copy these solution steps.

Copy all: Copies all text, images, gifs, and videos
Copy text: Copies text only
Copy link: Copies the URL link to the virtual assistant to allow customers to continue their journey via the Self-Service Assistant

Check out an example of this in action in the image below.

Sharing content

Once you have copied your content, it’s time to get sharing!

At Mavenoid, we know that clicking between tabs can be tiresome for support agents. That’s why Copilot allows agents to share content across any application including Mavenoid’s own Live Support, Zendesk, Salesforce, Gmail, and various other apps.

Additionally, we ensure that there are no more dead ends for your customers by enabling Mavenoid Copilot to also share Assistant Links. By sharing an Assistant link with your customers, they can continue to look for answers on their own inside Mavenoid’s AI-powered Assistant.

What are the benefits of Mavenoid Copilot?

Now that you know how to use Mavenoid Copilot, it’s time to break down the key benefits of implementing it.


Mavenoid Copilot’s intelligent search takes into account the context behind requests rather than just matching keywords, so team members receive relevant content suggestions.


Because of our unique symptom/ solution representation, Mavenoid’s Copilot presents knowledge in bite-sized pieces rather than long articles. This helps customers understand the instructions without information overload.


Symptoms, solutions, and guides shared from the extension in Mavenoid’s Copilot are interactive — after seeing the recommended solution, customers can continue to the AI-powered Assistant if they want to ask more questions.


Agents of any tier or skill level can answer complex technical support questions without escalating the issue. Mavenoid Copilot affords direct access to specialized information that traditionally requires an expert, arming agents with intelligent guidance for any issue. As a result? Faster time to resolution for agents, as they have more readily-accessible product information via Mavenoid to share with end-users.

Clearly, Mavenoid Copilot was created to streamline your support, and as you can see the benefits do just that. What are you waiting for?

Download Mavenoid Copilot today.