Product update

Product Pulse Update: May 2023

Fresh from the oven, we present to you the latest roundup of May and June product updates in Mavenoid!
Enhance your self-service instructions with AI Copyeditor

Crafting perfect self-service instructions can sometimes be time-consuming and challenging. Whether you’re struggling to articulate your thoughts eloquently or grappling with bulky and cluttered content, we’re here to lighten your load! With the AI Copyeditor, you can now create and improve these instructions with the help of generative AI. Simply add a draft, click "AI rewrite", and observe how our friendly AI (re)writes it for you. This is useful in situations when:

  1. You know what to say (e.g. in the form of draft bullet points) but lack the time, language or writing skill to articulate it nicely.  
  2. There's an existing description that is factually correct but lengthy or poorly formatted, contains excessive jargon, and you want to improve it for the casual audience.

Wondering what’s under the hood of AI Copyeditor? It is powered by OpenAI’s latest GPT-4 model, enhanced by our AI team to write in a way that works best for hardware products and self-service contexts. Thus, this is not a "vanilla" ChatGPT but an enhanced one.

Available on all plans
Helping support agents work faster with AI Self-Service Summary in Live Support

Our Live Support app provides a full transcript of all the previous steps taken by the customer when an issue is escalated from self-service to a human agent. This information is valuable since it allows the agent to resolve the issue quickly without repeating the same questions. This transcript, however, can grow quite long because our self-service is so thorough. It's at this point that AI Summary comes into play. Now, agents get a clear and concise summary of previous self-service steps when starting live chat. This way, they can start their conversation with the customer immediately, eliminating any wait time and maintaining all the context needed to continue troubleshooting. Furthermore, supervisors can quickly review and edit past conversations using the conversation history summary.

Available to all customers using Mavenoid Live Support
Focus on the most impactful self-service improvements with Org Level AI Gap Analysis

Hardware brands with large product portfolios and a variety of support issues need help prioritizing improvements to their self-service flows. We have plenty of tooling for that in Mavenoid - starting with Flow Advisor, powerful Analytics and feedback loops from Live Support. Now, we’re adding one more way to do that - with Org Level AI Gap Analysis, admins can get the most prominent search gaps (topics where customers didn’t get the answer to their request), across their whole product portfolio. Just go to the list of flows and check “Search gaps” and see high-impact gaps that occur in one or multiple flows. From this view, jump to the flows to fix the gap, by synchronizing knowledge from your CRM/CMS, adding product manuals to AI Retrieval or creating new support scenarios. For gaps that occur for multiple products, create a reusable component and add it to all the flows where it needs to be covered.

Available on all plans
Honorable mentions
Our TMS (Translation Management System) now has Glossary

Using Glossary, translators can ensure that certain terms are translated consistently, such as brand names (e.g. "Magic Scooters") or brand-specific terminology (e.g. "convector"). Glossary terms can be added manually or bulk imported with translations in each language. With this change, we help hardware brands ensure higher quality of self-service content translations and reduce the effort to review and maintain translations.

We have refreshed the design of our Admin, Flow Builder and Agent Dashboard apps  

Our design team is continuously improving Mavenoid apps to make them clean, intuitive and pleasant - a great place to be. With the latest refresh, you will notice more consistent menus, new visual clues for AI functionalities and hundreds of other tiny changes that make usage more convenient.

Fixes and polishes
  • Sometimes customers need to share files that are too large to upload to Zendesk when creating a ticket. Now they are added as links in the body of the ticket instead.
  • We now support uploading .msg (Outlook Mail Message) files in Live Support chats, so customers can share emails with agents for more efficient troubleshooting.
  • We have fixed a somewhat inconsistent behaviour when the "Untranslated" filter was combined with other filters in the TMS (Translation Management System).
  • The names of products and step-by-step guides were not always translated - now they will be, as expected.
  • Node translations were sometimes erased when included into a new component (yeah, embarrassing!). No worries, now they are always preserved.
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