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Product Pulse Update: April 2024

With the launch of two new features, Mavenoid’s customers now have more control over their end users’ experience in our Virtual Assistant and Dynamic Help Center.

Categorize Advice in Dynamic Help Center with Multi-Card Experiences

With Mavenoid’s AI-powered Dynamic Help Center, you can offer your customers personalized product support that helps them choose, set up, and troubleshoot their products. And now, you can group support documentation in categories with multi-card experiences.

Traditional help centers are typically cluttered with dozens of FAQ links, which is more confusing than helpful. To avoid this frustrating user experience in our Dynamic Help Center, we thought — what if brands could give each customer an array of personalized advice grouped in logical categories and adjust these categories without changing a single line code?

With multi-card experiences in Dynamic Help Center, brands can do just that and more:

  • Guide customers towards new products and features
  • Show FAQs and content based on commonly asked topics, like tracking an order
  • Emphasize content based on seasonality, like how to properly winterize a lawn mower

Multi-card experiences are simple to create as they reuse brand’s existing self-service content in Mavenoid’s Flow Builder Canvas. Available for: all customers using Dynamic Help Center.

More Control Over Accuracy and Relevance of Self-Service Advice

Companies with large product portfolios have vast volumes of content powering their self service and high standards for providing accurate advice. Rightfully so, as the cost of mistakes can be high! To help our users manage their support knowledge, we built new features for reviewing node content. In Mavenoid’s Flow Builder, users can now:

  1. Decide what triggers nodes as "Unreviewed." For instance, if you’d like to double-check new additions made by our Generative AI or have a second pair of eyes on edits made by colleagues.
  2. Set expiration dates to ensure support content remains up to date. If turned on, nodes that haven’t been edited for a set period of time will be automatically highlighted as "Unreviewed."

Using our advanced search, filters, and bulk editing features, it’s easy to quickly review self-service advice and ensure it’s accurate, relevant, and exactly what your customers expect to read.

Available for: all customers

Receive Seasonal Insights into Customer Issues with AI Gap Analysis

Many Mavenoid customers receive seasonal customer support requests. A power equipment manufacturer will cycle between content related to storing and operating both snow removal and lawn mowing equipment throughout a given year. To help our customers analyze and prepare for the seasonality within their businesses, we’ve improved AI Gap Analysis by adding two time filters:

  • "Previous Month" shows trends in any preceding 12-month period (e.g. identify support issues following a Father’s Day sale)
  • "Previous Quarter" shows quarterly trends (e.g. removing a lawn mower from storage in Q2)

Users can apply these filters across their whole organization or to specific products.

Available for: all customers

More Product Wins

Instant Answers from Multilingual Documents

Mavenoid customers, using our AI to retrieve support knowledge, can now source answers from documents that mix multiple languages. This helps expand self-service coverage through AI Retrieval while reducing the effort needed to launch and maintain Mavenoid.

  1. Upload the document with multiple languages to a Smart Documents node
  2. Configure languages (in organization settings or individual flow settings)
  3. Publish

If a customer asks a question in Swedish, Mavenoid’s AI will return results from support document sections written in Swedish. If there’s no content in the language used to ask a question, the AI will return results in the default language set by the organization.

Available for: all customers

Fixes and Polishes

  • [Live Support] An issue when some messages from customers were not translated in real-time has been fixed
  • [Translation Management] Brands that use Glossary and have 1,000s of keys will now see it working much faster
  • [Integrations] Priority is now a standard Action field for newly created Zendesk tickets
  • [Integrations] A series of improvements to Live Support ensures customers get connected to available support agents without any errors or delays
  • [Integrations] Agent supervisors are now allowed to change the Zendesk Talk integration settings
  • [Components] An issue involving the Assistant going to wrong nodes in a component has been fixed
  • [SSO] Team members are always invited to the right auth page when they join SSO-enabled orgs
  • [Analytics API] Larger organizations can now request data for longer periods of time
  • [Localization] Soft-match Norwegian language variants are now available in the Assistant
  • [Agent Dashboard] Filter state for previous sessions is now included in the URL so users can share a link to a specific search for colleagues to review
  • [Agent Dashboard] Agents can now use the one-time login feature when Mavenoid Live Support is embedded inside Zendesk and Salesforce

Thank you and stay tuned for more updates!

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