Product update

Product Pulse November 2022: A round-up of Mavenoid’s latest updates

For anyone I have yet to introduce myself to, I’m Galina, the Head of Product here at Mavenoid. I believe you are reading this because you are interested in the best possible product support for your customers — making them feel comfortable with their hardware products and services. This is what Mavenoid is passionate about ;) Our product team has released several exciting updates, aimed at providing everyone with a smart product assistant right at their fingertips, as well as empowering every support team to provide delightful support. Let’s jump right in!

Assistant Webpages: meet your customers where they are searching for help

We recognize that a lot of people use Google or other search engines when first looking up a solution for a specific hardware problem. However, the top results are typically unofficial Youtube videos and Reddit posts, meaning that your customers are likely to end up in forums facing walls of text that are difficult to decipher or offer unreliable solutions.

This is where Mavenoid Assistant Webpages come to the rescue! You can now turn the most frequently searched symptoms and solutions into web pages that will capture requests from people who google problems and direct them to helpful solutions. Unlike standard FAQ articles, these web pages are interactive — so after seeing the recommended solution, your customers can continue to Mavenoid’s AI-powered Assistant if they want to ask more questions or explore other solutions.

Beta customers that rolled out Assistant Webpages saw an increase in Mavenoid conversations by 66%—125%. Thousands of people getting high-quality help, yay!

Available on: Prime and Enterprise plans.

Intent Recognition v4: because great hardware support starts with a precise diagnosis of the issue

When it comes to hardware support, getting the customers' requests right can make or break their journey. Exactly like how doctors diagnose and prescribe the right treatment for their patients, Mavenoid's AI Assistant understands the meaning behind customer issues to identify symptoms leading to the most efficient solutions — this is what we call Intent Recognition.

After the latest iteration of improvements to our Intent Recognition engine, we have dramatically increased search accuracy rate — which is now on average 28% higher than that of the best exact-matching algorithm on the market (BM25) — resulting in more customer requests where we give truly helpful answers leading to resolution (not just deflection).

Available on: all plans.

More on Intent Recognition in our blog post.

Call Centre →  Mavenoid Redirect:  help your customers 24x7 and reduce agent workload

Did you know that you can help alleviate customer pain points by integrating Mavenoid with your call center tools such as Cloudtalk or Amazon Connect?

This demo shows how we can redirect customers to Mavenoid's self-service and live chat support when they are waiting in call center queues or calling after hours. Just configure your call center tool to send a link to Mavenoid Assistant so customers can start fixing their issues immediately.

Available on: all plans.

Honourable mentions

Thanks to feedback and inspiration from our awesome customers, we have pushed live a series of improvements — now maintaining your support scenarios in Mavenoid is even more efficient and fun!

1.Transcripts are even more flexible. Choose to send them at any point in the user’s journey, to one or multiple emails or directly to your CRM. Control the format, add tags and set statuses to streamline cases analysis and processing.

2. Make your support visual! You can now use inline images on any content card. For example, add icons and mini-images from product manuals to illustrate various buttons customers may see on their device:

3. Keep your components in order. We improved the way reusable components are managed from the Canvas. Now it is clear which components are used or not used, in which flows; you can quickly rename or delete them.

4. “Beautiful”, “convenient”, “fun”. Those are the words we often hear you use when describing Mavenoid's flow building canvas. We have updated it to be even better — making visual style more consistent. It is now easy to preview flows from any starting point, so creators have full control over non-linear scenarios and can iterate faster.

We welcome your ideas on how to improve Mavenoid!

Use this form to submit your pain points, ideas and feedback straight to our product team. We are all ears!

Thank you and stay tuned for more updates ;)