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Product Pulse May 2022: A round-up of Mavenoid's latest updates

This is Galina, Head of Product at Mavenoid, with a round-up of Mavenoid's latest updates.

Live Support feedback loops

Agents who work in Mavenoid Live Support deal with hundreds of conversations every day. We understand how important it is for supervisors to have full visibility into the outcomes of those conversations and be able to identify areas for improvement. That's why we have launched the new agent debrief workflow in live support. It consists of:

  • Conversation outcomes - where agents can quickly choose one of the pre-configured labels that will facilitate further CRM routing and reporting. They can also add a quick summary for internal use (aka "dispositioning")
  • New agent debrief - an option for agents to recommend a self-service solution that could have solved the customer’s issue. These recommendations are aggregated in the Flow Advisor for content creators, so they can add relevant solutions to the self-service part of the Assistant, continuously improving self-service resolution rates.

Available on: Accelerator Program and Enterprise plans.

Maximising content reuse

Brands with large portfolio of product lines, products and variations may find creating and updating self-service content very challenging. Quite often the same instructions are applicable for multiple products so in traditional knowledge management tools content creators may do a lot of copy-pasting. Good news is that in Mavenoid you don’t have to create every piece of content from scratch - because our philosophy is to maximise knowledge reuse. With components, step-by-step and retrieval document libraries, content creators can create content just once and then easily reuse it across multiple support flows. Same applies to updates - content that is relevant to multiple products and use cases can be updated from a central location, which reduces the time and effort needed to keep your self-service Assistant up to date. And we won't stop at this! Soon you will see more "reusables" covering media assets such as images, videos, animations - so stay tuned for further updates.

Available on: All plans.

Stronger multi-language capabilities

We have improved the setup of multi-language - now it is easier to add new languages to the Assistant, set the default organization language, and select base language for each flow.Team members now create content in their preferred language and roll out new translations much faster. Then, with our AI-powered machine translations, you can expand coverage of new regions in a matter of hours, which results in increased self-service resolution rates and higher CSAT. 

Available on: Accelerator Program and Enterprise plans.

Honorable mentions: Deep search in choice lists

By default, customers are presented with questions or solutions one after another and must answer each one in turn, with the ordering of questions defined by AI.Sometimes it's better to let the customer speed things up by choosing between several options at once with a choice list. Choice lists can be nested to support complex scenarios such as exploring various types of error codes. Now the Assistant can be configured to let customers search in all the elements across the top-level and nested choice lists, speeding up their access to the relevant information.

Salesforce integration improvements

We have added can now set various "Case Origins" for each ticket created in Salesforce by Mavenoid integration, allowing for more precise routing and detailed reporting.On top of that, we improved the way attachments are added to tickets so they end up in the "Files" list associated with the case, where agents can easily browse them.

Did you know that...

The assistant can serve as a backup to your call centre

Brands can set up their call centre tools such as Amazon Connect, CloudTalk to redirect customers to Mavenoid’s self-service and live chat support when they are waiting too long in the queue or call out of hours. This helps reduce call centre workload and provide support to customers faster.

You can put your existing documentation to work in self-service, with 0 manual effort

This is thanks to the latest technology called AI Retrieval that provides answers to customer questions with snippets of relevant info retrieved from documents such as manuals, instructions, webpages, etc — helping companies leverage all the existing documentation in their Mavenoid self-service assistant. Curious how it works? Watch our demo below!

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