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Product Pulse March 2022: A round-up of Mavenoid’s latest updates

This is Galina, Head of Product at Mavenoid. The key themes of this month’s Product Pulse are flexibility, context, and team collaboration. Read on to learn more about our updates.

Flexible Assistant menus and navigation with the Flow Links
Mavenoid is purpose-built for supporting hardware products. In hardware, scaling is a major challenge: we provide assistance to brands with hundreds of products, across multiple regions, and with multiple product lines. It is common for customers to ask multiple questions during one conversation, and we want to make their support journey as easy as possible.

That’s why we are launching Flow Links — Hardware brands can now link multiple support flows and create as many Assistant menus as they need. This enables them to:

  1. Have different lists and ordering of products per customer segment. For instance, show three products on the consumer website but five on the technician website.
  2. Change the display name of a specific support flow for certain audiences, like, rename "Vacuum cleaner" to "Hoover" for customers in the UK.
  3. Decide to make certain support flows visible only under some conditions, such as limiting some of them to English-speaking customers.
  4. Allow jumping from one support flow to the other. This is especially useful for upselling scenarios when customers want to buy an accessory after they’re done with the troubleshooting.

Look how easy it is to create variable Assistant menus:

...or let customers switch between products:

Available on: all plans.

Better control of Live Support outcomes with resolution routes
Now agents can choose from pre-configured resolution outcomes when they end a live support conversation. Based on the chosen resolution, customers can be presented with additional questions to answer. Their ticket will then be properly categorized and routed in the CRM system.

For example, this is how we can streamline warranty claims:

Available on: all plans.

Building flows together is now easy with real-time collaboration
On the content management side, we are investing in tools that help engage company employees in building and improving support flows together. Because, as we all know, working together results in positive outcomes!

Now your support team can see colleagues working on the same flow and follow them to see what they are editing making everyone feel more confident when making changes.

Available on: all plans.

Honorable mentions

Admin app: beautiful, fast, and convenient
Our goal is to make Mavenoid’s interface a seamless and enjoyable place to work.  To do just that, we've redesigned our Admin area so that it's now easier to navigate. Now the Flows list, Flow Advisor, and Settings sections are more intuitive to use.

More context in Live Support with Zendesk tickets history
Agents now have access to Zendesk tickets history in the Agent Dashboard, providing all the information they need regarding customers who have contacted them through Mavenoid.

Intent Recognition keeps customer searches in memory
During the conversation, the Intent Recognition will "remember" the customer’s search for later pre-filling the search box. This is to help customers find the answers faster without repeating themselves.

We welcome your ideas on how to improve Mavenoid!

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Thank you and stay tuned for more updates ;)