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Product Pulse June 2022: A round-up of Mavenoid’s latest updates

Hey there, this is Galina, Head of Product at Mavenoid, with the hottest summer product updates!

Our Zendesk and Salesforce integrations got even better!

We know how essential it is for modern support teams to be able to seamlessly integrate dozens of apps into a single workflow. Therefore, Mavenoid keeps improving its integrations with platforms like Zendesk and Salesforce to let hardware brands enjoy all the benefits of Mavenoid's specialized self-service and live support solution while working within their existing CRM/Support platform.

Let’s start with knowledge management. It is common for brands going live with Mavenoid to have thousands of articles already in their Salesforce or Zendesk knowledge base. Thus, the question - do we need to rebuild everything in Mavenoid? Of course not! Our knowledge integration enables you to sync all existing articles to Mavenoid's canvas and organize them into reusable components in just a few minutes. Now every customer looking for help with the product will find answers quickly - with Mavenoid's state-of-the-art Intent Recognition engine, your questions are more accurately answered than through your typical FAQ portal because it understands the meaning behind the request and suggests the best solutions.

Available on: All plans.

Moving on to agent experience. Mavenoid’s live agent dashboard is uniquely suited to resolve the most pressing hardware issues via text, pictures, audio or video - all of that in the same conversation. On top of that, agents love it for being simple and easy to use. However something echoed in our recent Product Support Summit feedback sessions was agents often had the frustration of yet another tab in their browser and the time consumed cycling between them to find the right tool for the task at hand. Well, not anymore! Now it is possible to embed our Agent Dashboard into your agent’s native workspace in Zendesk or Salesforce - no more tab switching and agents can use all the powerful Mavenoid functionalities to resolve more issues, faster. Great, ain’t it?

Available on: Accelerator Program and Enterprise plans.

Last but not least, we have added integration that shows customer data and recent tickets from Zendesk or Salesforce in the context panel of the Agent Dashboard. Having relevant information about each customer makes it easier for support teams to help them with a minimum amount of back-and-forth.

Available on: all plans.

More ways to personalize the customer journey

If a customer requests help via a self-service assistant, the brand likely already knows a great deal about them in CRM or other systems. Many companies, however, don't make use of this data, resulting in customers duplicating tickets and answering too many clarifying questions.

As part of our recent update, brands can now pull data from external systems (e.g. recent scooter rides or open support tickets) and then allow customers to select from that list, thus personalizing their journey. Additionally, this can be used for grabbing locations, products, spare parts, and more - countless personalization options to boost self-service success!

Available on: all plans.

Honorable mentions

Making unpublished changes more visible

It can be challenging for support teams to understand the status of each support flow - is it up to date? Are any changes awaiting a push? It's much easier now - we've added an indicator in the flow list that shows if a flow has unpublished changes. If not, it'll have a green dot, if yes - a yellow one:

And just a reminder - to check the flow for unpublished changes, just go to its’ Version History feed.

It is now easier to reuse images across flows

Adding reusability of images across multiple flows continues our effort to make content maintenance and building scalable. Within the media library, modelers can access existing images, both from flow lists and canvas views. Replacing an image is easy - just find it in the library and upload a new one, it’ll get updated in all the flows automatically.

Next Generation Assistant dramatically improves resolution and happiness rates

Customers perceive the quality of their support as being representative of the entire product quality which comes as no surprise whilst brands we engage with are constantly looking for ways to differentiate themselves from their competitors and one way to do this is to improve the product care and support experiences of their end users.

By improving the core look and feel of key self-service and live support in the Next Generation Assistant, we aim to:

  • Improve discoverability: with multiple icons, customizable label text and an assistant greeting, we allow for customers to more easily find the help they are looking for;
  • Set customer expectations:  we also look to set expectations on the types of support the customer can get from the brand in each place where assistant is placed. For example, we can promote pre-sale support in e-commerce areas and focus of troubleshooting in support centers.
  • Improved navigation: with the new continuous feed navigation, customers can easily go back and even change their answer to optimize for a solution. It is easy to return to the session and continue where you left off, which is extremely helpful for multi-step support scenarios typical for hardware issues.
  • Better use of real estate: the Next Generation Assistant is optimized to the platform the customer has accessed from - desktop users will utilize more of the screen with the step-by-step guides and manuals opening to the left of the active card, whilst the menu will open to the right. For mobile users, both items open on top of the active card.

If you haven’t seen the Next Generation Assistant, here comes a quick preview:

Okay, it looks nice but what about the efficiency? In June 2022, we started rolling out the Next Generation Assistant for the first cohort of Mavenoid customers and now have the first stats which are very promising:

  • Assistant is now attracting on average +56% more sessions vs the previous UI, thanks to improved discoverability. This means much higher coverage of self-service, faster time to resolution and decreased load on support teams;
  • Average resolution rates increased +9% which can be attributed to improved navigation and more visual instructions;
  • Average happiness rate is now +7% higher, so 81% (!) of users rated their experience as “Good” or “Great”.

Impressive, yeah? This is just a beginning - we are planning more exciting updates to the Next Generation Assistant soon ;)

We welcome your ideas on how to improve Mavenoid!

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Thank you and stay tuned for more updates ;)