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Product Pulse January 2022: A round-up of Mavenoid’s latest updates

In January, our team prioritized helping hardware brands scale their product support and facilitating connectivity with other apps they use most. Companies can go live with Mavenoid in just a few days or weeks, with maximum coverage of products and scenarios, with minimal effort.Exactly how is it made possible? Learn in our update below.‍

AI Retrieval: put all your available documentation to work in self-service

Hardware brands invest a lot of time and budget in providing self-service tools and crafting product documentation. Yet customers and technicians still struggle to get help and find the answers: first they have to locate the right website or document, then sift through hundreds of pages... no wonder they get lost and give up.

Enter AI Retrieval — an intelligent solution that answers customer questions with snippets of relevant info retrieved from documents such as manuals, instructions, webpages etc. It provides people with relevant answers and helps companies leverage all the existing documentation in their Mavenoid self-service assistant.

This means companies can invest time in crafting self-service content for high-frequency and high-importance scenarios and let AI take care of the rest! Our AI will digest uploaded documents, break them down into snippets and enable those to be searchable in the Assistant instantly. It works like this:

The customer will receive one or multiple snippets of relevant answers found in uploaded documents with the option to jump to the right page for more information:

Available on: Basic (≤ 10 documents), Prime (≤ 1000 documents), and Enterprise (unlimited!) plans.

External API Actions: make your self-service “talk” with any app in just a few clicks

Now, brands can offer their customers data from other apps that can help them with a variety of questions. All they need to do is link the Mavenoid Assistant to an API-enabled tool to push or fetch the data.

Some of the scenarios where this can be useful:

  • Helping customers select the best product model for them using characteristics from the e-commerce catalog
  • Provide order updates by getting the latest status from the delivery system,
  • Process auto-refunds by checking customer eligibility, refund rules, and connecting to the billing app
  • Check the account status by connecting to CRM apps and more

This funny demo shows how we can connect Mavenoid with any API right from the Flow Canvas:

Available on: All plans.

Salesforce Integration: save all the customer interactions in one place

Brands that use Salesforce Service Cloud can now connect it with Mavenoid in one click. Each conversation handled by Mavenoid will automatically generate a Salesforce ticket, so support teams will have all the customer information on hand.

Interested in learning more? Check our AppExchange listing or ask the Mavenoid team for a custom demo.

Available on: All plans.

Honourable mentions

AI Gap Analysis now starts working earlier, with more frequent updates

We improved the AI Gap Analysis, part of the Flow Advisor that provides most popular searches Assistant could not answer.  

Now it updates more frequently, helping modelers monitor their self-service scenarios and fix gaps right away. Furthermore, it requires *4x fewer conversations to generate gap clusters, so useful insights are available soon after launch.

Fewer questions, more relevant answers with improved flow conditions

In some cases, parts of a flow should only apply in particular situations — e.g. to customers who have a specific product version. We allow modelers to apply conditions to nodes within a support flow to accommodate this. These nodes will only be shown to the user if the conditions match the user's information.

We have made conditions more powerful and straightforward to use — so now modelers can:

  1. Minimize the number of clarifying questions customers will be asked (by re-using data we already know about them);
  2. Narrow down the search results (by asking only for symptoms and solutions that match customers’ specific conditions, e.g. their mobile phone’s operating system).

Also, we offer a special condition that can be applied so that different content will be displayed based on the customer's Assistant language. This option is excellent for use-cases when the content of the same flow is a bit different between languages, for example, when only French-speaking customers should see content about fromage.

Version History allows reverting flows to any previous version

Have you ever accidentally deleted or overwritten an important flow? Well, it happens to the best of us.

Mavenoid’s recent Version History update brings peace of mind for modelers and enables safer collaboration on the same canvas. In addition to tracking all changes to the flow, modelers can now easily recover from a mistake by choosing the most recent version that has the correct content and hitting the "Restore" button. It supports the restoration of nodes, connections, text and image edits, as well as components and step-by-step guides.

Real-time simultaneous flow editing is here

When multiple modelers work on the same flow, it is important for them to see changes to content as soon as they happen. Now flow edits sync up in real-time when multiple modelers are working on it.

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