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Product Pulse December 2021: A round-up of Mavenoid’s latest updates

In the peak shopping season, all types of support queries rise on average by 75%, from frequently asked questions about product specifications to troubleshooting queries, returns policies, and delivery. That is why in December our Mavenoid team focused on updates that help support teams work faster and smarter, providing an efficient and delightful support experience to customers.

Mavenoid Copilot

Millions of customers have benefited from our AI Assistant for support with their hardware products. Now it’s time for support teams to enjoy the same. With Mavenoid Copilot browser extension, team members can quickly discover answers to product questions and share them with customers via any app: Salesforce, Zendesk, FreshDesk, LiveChat, Gmail, etc.

Unlike standard knowledge base tools, it provides more accurate semantic search and gives results as bite-sized content snippets that are interactive — after seeing the recommended solution, customers can continue to the AI-powered Assistant if they want to ask more questions.

The Mavenoid Copilot extension can be used in Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and Opera browsers.

Available on: Prime (for teams using Mavenoid Live Support) and Enterprise plans.

Zendesk Talk Integration

Our Zendesk integration is already popular among hardware brands — they enjoy seamless flow of data from Mavenoid self-service Assistant and Live Support, with smart status assignment and tagging.

We have decided to push it even further and ensure that agent availability status is synced between Zendesk Talk and Mavenoid. By providing brands with the two-way agent availability sync, we ensure that if an agent is taking a call in Zendesk Talk, they will be marked as unavailable and excluded from the queuing capacity in Mavenoid Live Support. And vice versa — if an agent is in an active conversation within Mavenoid, they will appear as unavailable in Zendesk Talk. Brands can choose to enable this behavior for chat and audio/video calls, as well as just audio/video calls within Mavenoid.

Available on: all plans.

Honorable mentions

Thanks to feedback and inspiration from our awesome customers, we have pushed live a series of improvements — now maintaining your support scenarios in Mavenoid is even more efficient and fun!

New flow templates

We have added a new template with pre-configured examples showing our current best practices for popular use cases including FAQs, troubleshooting, how-to guides, escalating to an external ticketing system or to live support. With this template, teams can set up their support scenarios quickly and learn to use all the powerful functionalities of Mavenoid.

Version history

Managing changes to self-service support scenarios is now easier and safer. With the new Version History, content creators can see who made edits and when, and soon will be able to undo the changes by reverting to the previous version.

Session drill down in Analytics

Session links in Mavenoid Analytics now lead to full session transcripts  — making it easier to drill down to a session level and understand what happened in each conversation.

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