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Product Pulse April 2022: A round-up of Mavenoid’s latest updates

This is Galina, Head of Product at Mavenoid, with the latest and greatest updates in Mavenoid.

Next-generation Product Assistant is here!

A number of self-service options involve using chatbots when interacting with customers. But let's face it, they hate chatbots for forcing them to walk through invisible mazes of interactions, stumbling over hedges of "I'm sorry, I didn't understand what you meant." Chatbots do a lot of chatting, but they lack personalization and clear guidance. It is no wonder that only 9% of people resolve their issues through self-service, and most of them demand to "talk to a human".

Since Mavenoid was founded, we have responded to these challenges by letting people provide a free text description of the problem, which is recognized by a hardware-optimized NLU (natural language understanding) engine, followed by step-by-step instructions to resolve problems. Moreover, we provide hybrid conversations where AI-driven self-service is combined with live support.

All of this make sure people get their issue solved, not just “deflected”.

"I like the fact it is so quick and easy to access. The combined pictures and words plus detailed step-by-step instructions make it easy to follow even for elderly, nervous people like me." - we love getting comments like this from people using our product assistants!

But we decided to go even further. For the last few months, Mavenoid's product team has been hard at work on the new design of our Product Assistant, making it easier to spot and navigate, and even more visual and shareable. On top of that, we have updated the live support experience, allowing for smooth communication between customers and agents through text, images, audio, and video - simultaneously without switching channels.

Okay, enough talking. Here comes a quick preview:

For a full demo of the next generation Assistant experience, please contact us.

Available on: all plans.

Better multi-language support for global brands

Studies show that 70% of customers feel more loyal to companies that offer support in their native language. Another report found that 29% of businesses have lost clients because they don’t have multilingual support.

Mavenoid is well-aware that multi-language is critical for the success of product support. Our product assistant offers AI-powered self-service support in more than 50 languages, including Arabic, Chinese, Hebrew, Ukrainian, etc.  

Now we offer multi-language support not only in the Product Assistant but also in Assistant Webpages and Mavenoid Copilot.

What are Assistant Webpages? Whenever people Google a product issue or symptom, the top result they get takes them to the official product page powered by Mavenoid, so they can get recommended solutions quickly or access the Mavenoid assistant for further help. The Assistant Webpages now work in all languages enabled on your account.

The same is true for the Mavenoid Copilot, a browser extension designed for customer support teams to access and share knowledge with their customers. Team members can quickly find a solution and share it in their customers’ preferred language, even if they don’t speak it themselves.

Available on: Prime and Enterprise plans.

New Roles and Permissions for better, safer teamwork

We have rolled out a major change to user management in the app - new Roles and Permissions.

As the name suggests, now each user can have one or multiple roles, such as Live Support Agent, Analyst etc. These roles have pre-defined permissions that reflect the level of access people typically need to do their "jobs".

Currently available roles are Consumer, Technician, Live Support Agent, Live Support Supervisor, Reviewer, Contributor, Publisher, Analyst, and Admin. Our help center explains them in detail.

Why is this important? More granular roles open up new possibilities such as better and safer teamwork.

For example, our new role, Reviewer, allows team members to review support flows and provide feedback. Reviewers can access the canvas and leave comments, but they cannot edit or publish the changes.

If you want colleagues to edit content, invite them as Contributors. It will be possible for them to add comments and edit the nodes on the canvas - but their changes will need to be pushed live by someone with a Publisher role.

Available on: all plans.

Honorable mentions

One-click Assistant embedding

Now it is much easier for admins to configure the embedded assistant - with a simple drop-down in the Mavenoid app, they can choose Assistant to load all the support flows in the account or just one specific flow. This is useful when you want to have product or category-specific Assistants in different areas of your website or app.

Mavenoid is now also much easier to embed on mobile. We have added ready-to-use code snippets for iOS and Android to the Embed & Share settings page. If you want to have our product assistant widget in your mobile app, just ask mobile developers to copy those snippets and use them in the app's code. Developers can grab pre-built code snippets for iOS (Swift) and Android (Java, Kotlin) apps.

More context in Live Support with Salesforce tickets history

Agents now have access to Salesforce ticket history in the Agent Dashboard. It means having access to all the information they need regarding customers who have contacted them through Mavenoid. They will see the ticket subject, assigned agent when it was last updated, and it's status.

With these details, Agents are better equipped to support customers with greater context about them. By understanding previous issues/inquiries, agents can provide a more personalized experience whilst aiding in a quicker time to resolution.

Upload documents in bulk to quickly put all your manuals to work

AI Retrieval is an intelligent solution that answers customer questions with snippets of relevant info retrieved from documents such as manuals, instructions, webpages, etc. — helping companies leverage all the existing documentation in their Mavenoid self-service assistant.

It is now easier to add multiple manuals to the flow at once, which helps you set up the AI Retrieval faster and unleash the full power of your support documentation.

We welcome your ideas on how to improve Mavenoid!

Use this form to submit your pain points, ideas, and feedback straight to our product team. As always, we are all ears and want to hear your thoughts!

Thank you and stay tuned for more updates ;)