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Mavenoid Launches Live Video for Remote Product Support

Customer support teams around the world struggle with unresolved support cases, as the Coronavirus pandemic has made on-site support near impossible. But as video calling has become the new standard for how millions of people communicate, product support is evolving too. Mavenoid’s new video tool enables support agents to solve highly complex problems without needing to visit customers.

Uses the customer’s smartphone

Support agents can ask customers to point their smartphone camera at a problem, while being able to talk to them and draw on the screen. The product uses AI to assist the agent in finding solutions quickly.

“We believe live video will be necessary for delivering product support in the post-pandemic world. Companies will be able to serve more customers safely, without the need for expensive and tedious on-site support. And they will be able to assist them with their products even in remote locations, for example at sea or in the forest,” says Shahan Lilja, Mavenoid CEO and Co-founder.
The system helps support agents by suggesting likely solutions while they talk to customers

Remote support becomes the new normal

Mavenoid is known for AI-guided self-service support, used by companies like Husqvarna and HP. They are now adding both remote video support and live chat functionality to their platform.

“People have gone from being uncomfortable with video to advanced users in a few months. But existing products for video support have been clunky, expensive, and hard to use. We’re making remote video support available to all companies and for all users. It’s intuitive, affordable, and requires no installation or training to get started,” Mr. Lilja says.

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About Mavenoid
Mavenoid helps companies automate product support via an AI-powered product assistant. When the situation needs a human touch, Mavenoid takes the customer seamlessly between self-service, chat, and video, without losing one bit of information along the way.

Earlier this year, the company raised $8 million in a series A from investors Mosaic Ventures, Creandum, and Point Nine Capital, to continue to develop the platform and expand to new markets.

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