Product update

Introducing Dynamic Help Center for Personalized Product Support

We’re proud to introduce Dynamic Help Center — a product support tool that delivers personalized content to each visitor. Dynamic Help Center facilitates the effortless creation and maintenance of localized content to increase self-service resolution rates by up to 70% through guided support flows.

With Dynamic Help Center SEO-optimized pages, brands are able to capture user support requests through search engines that otherwise point to non-authorized content from Reddit communities, YouTube creators, and other platforms.

Personalized help center support that drives results

Powered by AI, Mavenoid offers personalized product support content that helps people troubleshoot their products and devices. Product manufacturers and retailers like Jabra, Husqvarna, and Stanley Black & Decker use Mavenoid to serve their customers curated solutions, so they no longer need to scroll through long support articles from static help centers.

Pura, a smart device for home fragrance, has already seen the benefits of modernizing their help center with Mavenoid: 

“At Pura, we pride ourselves on our premium consumer experience. With Mavenoid, we’ve seen firsthand what AI has been able to give us in terms of a premium customer support experience that helps quickly resolve customer issues,” said Noall Foxley, Digital Product Manager for Customer Care at Pura. “With Dynamic Help Center, we were able to extend this same highly personalized support experience by replacing our legacy help center system with Mavenoid. Shortly after the implementation, our resolution rates and customer happiness scores saw a significant improvement.”

AI generation for documentation and translation management

Using Mavenoid’s AI, brands can save time by generating self-service support documentation for any product in a matter of minutes. To produce new help center materials, Mavenoid uses AI to ingest existing product documentation and manuals, and then generates new or updated support flows. This streamlines the content production and publishing process and allows brands to keep up with frequent product updates for a global audience. Mavenoid uses AI to automate support content translation to over 50 languages.

SEO-optimized support materials

Traditional help centers are not optimized for SEO, so consumers often rely on non-authorized forums and videos to troubleshoot. Dynamic Help Center support pages are indexed appropriately to rank highly in search results, allowing brands greater control over their support experience and reputations as customer-focused product companies.

To optimize help center pages for search, Mavenoid structures data such that search engines can display FAQs and step-by-step guides directly within search results. Dynamic Help Center pages are optimized for fast loading on all device sizes, further increasing SEO and benefiting the user experience.

Robust branding options

Brands can create a recognizable, delightful experience with advanced Dynamic Help Center customization — favicons, custom domains, typography, color schemes, layouts, transitions, and more. Dynamic Help Center takes care to maintain the trust and credibility associated with a brand’s web presence.

Actionable insights and analytics

Mavenoid offers a wide range of default and custom dashboards showing key metrics like resolution rate, escalated issues, and trends. This allows brands to understand what support content works best for their customers while identifying gaps in their knowledge base. Brands can leverage these insights to inform future product improvements and updates based on real-world customer feedback.  

Efficient escalation flows for the most complex issues

Dynamic Help Center integrates with CRMs, ticketing systems, and live agent platforms, allowing brands to seamlessly manage their support processes and enable their customers to easily escalate cases to human agents when needed. This ensures that customers receive the most intuitive and efficient support experience.

With Mavenoid, brands can launch initial Dynamic Help Center support flows for common issues in a matter of days. We've designed Dynamic Help Center to be user-friendly for both consumers and support teams managing help center material. The intuitive interface, coupled with our powerful AI and comprehensive training and support, ensures that brands will be up to speed in no time to drive ROI.

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