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Introducing Generative Answers and Vision Assist

We're excited to announce the launch of Generative Answers and Vision Assist — new capabilities that allow brands to further automate product support and provide their customers with even faster self-service resolutions.

Since we launched Mavenoid in 2018, we’ve focused on building support tools for product and device companies. With the introduction of our AI-powered Virtual Assistant, we set the industry standard for self-service resolution rates of 58% and up when troubleshooting even the most complex products. Now, users will notice another way to receive help in the Virtual Assistant — Generative Answers.

Generative Answers

Generative Answers pairs Mavenoid’s powerful natural language processing with generative artificial intelligence. When a user types a question into the Virtual Assistant’s search bar, Mavenoid’s AI responds with information sourced from the brand’s support content.

Generative Answers are created based on a brand’s official support content. By using only approved documentation for source material, Mavenoid protects brands from the risk of sharing misleading or potentially harmful advice.

In addition to protecting a brand’s reputation, Mavenoid’s generative artificial intelligence allows brands to launch their Virtual Assistant faster. Brands can go live in a few weeks with Generative Answers, observe their users’ self-service results, and model troubleshooting flows later, if needed.

Brands have the option to mix-and-match Generative and Guided mode (the classic Mavenoid experience), based on whichever process is most useful for their products, support requests, and desired customer experience.

Vision Assist

With Vision Assist, users can automatically enter product information into the Virtual Assistant by using their phone to scan a product label. Mavenoid’s Vision AI extracts data in context of the user’s goal, whether that’s to troubleshoot an issue or to complete a warranty registration form.

Accurate product identification is the first step in a successful self-service support experience. In product categories with dozens of identical and similarly-spec’d devices, identifying the make and model can be challenging and lead users to abandon the process before they begin. Vision Assist ensures users are set up for a successful troubleshooting experience.

Internally, Mavenoid’s Vision Assist allows support teams to work more efficiently with other departments to complete tasks. Within a particular flow, admins can configure Vision Assist to “look” for specific data within a product label and “talk” to external systems. For example, an industrial machinery brand could allow their customers to scan a device’s barcode to start a replacement part order from nearby inventory.

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Mavenoid is committed to applying technology in ways that improve the customer experience throughout product support — Generative Answers and Vision Assist are the latest features to fulfill this mission. To see how Generative Answers and Vision Assist could work for your brand, sign up for a demo.