AI-powered support automation for EV chargers

Mavenoid leverages the best of human hardware expertise and cutting-edge tech to create an end-to-end customer experience platform that delivers exceptional EV charger support.

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Leading EV charger brands run their product support on Mavenoid

40% less time spent on warranty claims

40% less time spent on warranty claims

40% less time spent on warranty claims

40% less time spent on warranty claims

40% less time spent on warranty claims

40% less time spent on warranty claims

Why choose Mavenoid?

Increase customer satisfaction with AI-powered troubleshooting

Mavenoid guides users to fix product issues themselves, instead of just deflecting to generic articles or FAQs. It combines existing content, input from your support team, and AI to provide fast and accurate solutions for both common and complex problems.

Leverage best-in-class integrations to optimize support operations

Seamlessly integrate Mavenoid with your existing internal systems to centralize data and provide a frictionless customer experience.

Scale your support team capacity and efficiency

Your support team can respond to live support requests from the agent dashboard, where they can help several users at the same time, collaborate on tricky cases, and get into advanced remote troubleshooting through video. Mavenoid also integrates with your existing CRM and ticketing systems to streamline your workflows.

How does it work?

AI-powered product assistant

Boost your customer satisfaction and reduce call center load with automated diagnostic support flows providing best-in-class self-service resolution rates.

Automated content generation, translation, and optimization

Mavenoid's AI can help you generate, translate, analyze and optimize support content, freeing up time for your support team and ensuring your customers receive the most relevant and effective assistance possible.

Robust integrations with Shopify, Zendesk, Salesforce, and more

Streamline refunds, warranty, management, and other key workflows, making the most of Mavenoid and your current tech stack.

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Customer story
Easee achieves 70% self-service resolution and 93% customer satisfaction with Mavenoid

Easee’s self-resolution rate skyrocketed from an estimated 15-20% to over 70%— meaning ~4X more customers can now resolve their issues without needing to contact support, reducing the strain (and costs) on Easee’s support team.

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At this point, chances are you might have heard of generative AI, GPTs, and LLMs. But what do these terms actually mean and how will they be impacting the worlds of customer and hardware support in the near future?

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