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Easee Achieves 70% Self-Service Resolution and 93% Customer Satisfaction with Mavenoid

Easee is a green-tech company revolutionizing the electric vehicle charging industry that, within 5 years of the company’s founding, has grown to 550 employees, over 1 million devices online and 650,000 chargers installed globally.
The Mavenoid Effect
  • 70%+ self-service resolution rate
  • 93% customer satisfaction rate
  • 16,000 - 18,000 customer requests automated monthly

The opportunity: Providing effective and scalable support for a diverse and growing customer base

Easee is a green-tech company that is transforming the electric vehicle (EV) charging industry with its innovative and scalable products. Founded in 2018, Easee quickly grew to over 1 million devices online and 650,000 chargers installed and connected to the cloud today. Their customers range from individual EV owners to large-scale partners such as installation companies, wholesale energy providers, and fleet operators. 

However, this scale & diversity also poses a challenge for Easee’s support team, as different customers have different levels of product knowledge and support needs. Many customers seemed to call for assistance rather than search for answers on the website, which was neither user-friendly nor efficient, resulting in a high volume of repetitive support requests that took up valuable time and resources from the support team. Easee wanted to empower customers to find solutions on their own, while freeing up the support team to focus on more complex and critical issues. Moreover, also wanted to gain more insights into customer behavior and satisfaction, as well as optimize their support processes for scalability and efficiency.

"Implementing Mavenoid has revolutionized our customer support experience. Our self-resolution rate has soared to over 70%, saving us thousands of support calls and cases each month. Our customer satisfaction has reached an impressive 93%, and our support team can now focus on more challenging tasks and expand their knowledge. Mavenoid has truly been a game-changer for us."
Ross Simpson
Global Strategic Manager for Customer Excellence at Easee

The solution: Leveraging self-service support to boost customer satisfaction and efficiency

Impressed by their dedicated tech, AI, shared company values of open partnership, and two-week implementation, Easee opted to work with Mavenoid to address their support challenges. Mavenoid’s platform was easy to use and flexible to integrate, allowing Easee to embed self-help options directly into their mobile app, ensuring a seamless user experience and increasing customer satisfaction. The platform also provided feedback categorization, enabling Easee to understand where gaps in support flows existed and empowering their product teams to make improvements based on customer insights. With a comprehensive onboarding plan, Easee was able to implement in two weeks— well before the planned go-live date— providing more time to test and refine the solution.

The results of implementing Mavenoid have been outstanding. Easee’s self-resolution rate skyrocketed from an estimated 15-20% to over 70%— meaning ~4X more customers can now resolve their issues without needing to contact support, reducing the strain (and costs) on Easee’s support team. Easee estimates that they automate between 16,000 and 18,000 support calls and tickets on average per month, as customers find the all the information & guidance they need through the self-service options.

This dramatic drop in support workload led to a decrease in average call duration from 14 minutes to 3 minutes. Instead of requiring additional staff, Easee was able to handle the workload with fewer people, thanks to the efficiency gained through the Mavenoid platform. Moreover, Easee’s customer satisfaction has soared to an impressive 93% over the past year. The improved support experience has also contributed to higher employee satisfaction, as team members can focus on more challenging tasks, resulting in reduced attrition rates, ensuring that valuable expertise remains within the company.

With new products and markets on the horizon, Easee is excited to continue their partnership with Mavenoid, ensuring that customers receive exceptional support and contributing valuable insights to their product development process.

Key features implemented

Al-guided self-service troubleshooting
Mavenoid helps customers narrow down possible solutions fast with simple diagnostic questions.

Actionable insights
Maintaining and improving the quality of self-service is made easy with proactive support content gap analysis, dashboards with key metrics and regular insights from qualitative feedback.

Zendesk Integration
Mavenoid’s direct integration with Zendesk automatically creates tickets within the CRM to ensure data consistency & maintain workflows.

Live Support
Resolve complex issues remotely via chat or video with on-screen markup functionality.

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Easee Global Strategic Manager (CE), Ross Simpson, shares his experience of how Easee leveraged Mavenoid to reach a self-resolution rate of 70%.

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