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Automated CX Where 70% of Customers Successfully Help Themselves

Rawbike, a subsidiary of WeSports, is experiencing rapid growth and is already Sweden's most popular electric moped. Naturally, as more and more products are sold, Rawbike is seeing a rapid increase in support requests.
The Mavenoid Effect
  • 70% self-service resolution rate
  • 3% external escalation rate
  • 75% positive ratings

The challenge:
Automation with a better customer experience (and less complaints) than existing chatbots

The Rawbike team wanted to ensure that customers were satisfied with their products, but also needed to manage the support team's time and costs.

Rawbike initially tried the chatbot associated with a popular customer support CRM platform, but found it couldn't provide a high-quality experience or resolve customers inquiries, and therefore resulted in many complaints.

"70% of our incoming questions are solved by customers autmatically through Mavenoid. We're happier as a team and have a lot more happy customers."
Oliver Jonasson
Head of Support & Logistics
, Rawbike

The solution:
Automated self-service that improves customer ratings & experience

Given their initial poor experience with chatbots, Rawbike had low expectations for automated support. However, after working with Mavenoid —  with a history of success within the micromobility space — it quickly became the first-line of support for all incoming queries.

The results speak for themselves. With a 70% self-service resolution rate and only 3% escalation rate, Mavenoid is able to automate nearly all of Rawbike's initial support requests. Rawbike support overhead reduced dramatically and ratings improved significantly, meaning both a happier team and customers.

Key features implemented

Deep product analysis
Historic support data is used to identify common problems and areas best suited for automation.

Natural language understanding
Advanced semantic search allows customers to explain problems in their own words. The system interprets their intent and guides them to the right content.

Next-Gen Assistant
Mavenoid's latest product assistant UI provides an intuitive experience that guides users and allows them to self-service even complex issues.

Zendesk Integration
Seamless integration with Zendesk CRM allows any escalated tickets to be created and all support data to be captured.

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