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Kineon Uses Self-Service to Reduce Their Manual Support Ticket Volume by 50%

Kineon makes light-therapy devices for at-home treatment of joint pain. Their customers are runners, skiers, weightlifters, or just anyone who is held back from doing physical activity due to chronic neuromuscular pain.
The Mavenoid Effect
  • 50% self-service resolution rate
  • 4% escalation rate
  • 70+ countries globally

Meeting individual support needs on a global scale

Kineon had found that automating their support team’s tasks was much more difficult than expected. Their customers often ask things that involve both technology and anatomy, and questions tend to be specific and individual, as opposed to repetitive or generic. On top of this, as Kineon’s users span from recreational to professional, the terminology they use can vary widely even when describing similar issues. FAQs, chatbots or even conversational AI platforms failed to handle the complexity of the inquiries.

Knowing how important excellent customer service is when building a premium product brand, Kineon was searching for a partner to help them scale support efficiently without sacrificing quality and personal touch.

“From day one, Mavenoid made sure they really understood us and our customers. Their insights and proactive suggestions have meant that our customers are now getting a much better experience.”
Tom Sanderson
COO, Kineon

A support platform made for customers. And the support team.

Thanks to Mavenoid’s unique combination of intent recognition, multi-question diagnosis, and self-improving AI, Kineon now successfully resolves 50% of support requests by self-service. Automation is no longer limited to simple questions about shipping status or general instructions for use. It now also encompasses complex troubleshooting, as well guiding users who have inquiries about treatment of individual pathologies.

For Kineon, serving higher volumes with less resources and saving costs was only part of the solution. With Mavenoid they now also allow their support team more time for in-depth conversations with users who need it, resulting in happier customers and even higher sales.

With products currently sold in more than 70 countries, Kineon is increasingly making use of Mavenoid’s multi-language support. The ability to provide accurate instructions in a customer’s own language proves particularly important for companies in the medical field.

Key features implemented

AI-guided self-service troubleshooting
Mavenoid helps customers narrow down possible solutions fast with simple diagnostic questions.

Deep product analysis
In-depth insights into customers' problems, searches, product gaps, self-service flow efficiency, and more, enabling the hardware manufacturer to get a complete picture of their support needs.

Natural language understanding
Advanced semantic search allows customers to explain problems in their own words. The system interprets their intent and guides them to the right content.

Smart escalation
Requests that need a human touch are automatically routed to the right person, along with the case history.

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