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KEF Completes Its Global Omnichannel Product Support Using Mavenoid’s AI-Powered Platform

For more than 60 years, KEF has created award-winning speakers for both professionals and consumers. The company prioritizes delivering high-fidelity, immersive sound experiences using its innovative technology.
The Mavenoid Effect
  • 60%+ self-service resolution rate across 11 product ranges
  • Increased support case capacity by 30% without hiring a single rep globally
  • Global after-hours live agent support with real-time translation to 9 languages

The Challenge:
Elevate KEF’s Omnichannel Support to Match Its Luxury Product and Handle Growing Volume

KEF’s support philosophy revolves around the idea that brands shouldn’t dictate how customers reach support. Instead, it’s up to the customer to decide how they prefer to receive support, and it’s up to the brand to ensure availability across channels, including phone, email, web, app, and self-service. Striking a balance between offering support when needed and empowering customers to resolve issues on their own is key to KEF's approach.

For KEF, every touch point is a chance to give the same ‘wow’ experience as experiencing its speakers for the first time. Believing that customer loyalty and advocacy naturally follow exceptional service, KEF isn’t only trying to deliver troubleshooting solutions but also deliver them in a way that sparks the same delight as its products.

Despite the initial skepticism about the effectiveness of self-service, especially for a luxury brand, KEF recognized that its vision for omnichannel support couldn’t be achieved with its existing customer service approach. Every new communication channel the company opened required more customer service representatives in every market. While its customers were benefiting from the freedom of choice, KEF struggled with scaling its luxury-level product support. 

Realizing the need for a smarter solution to maintain its highly professional support and to handle the volume from growing channels, KEF turned to Mavenoid for our automation expertise and AI-powered product support platform.

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KEF’s SVP of Global Sales and Operations, Graham Rowlands, shares how Mavenoid allows KEF to scale its case count without requiring more agents.

“Over time, what we noticed was while our case count was increasing—Mavenoid has, in self-service, added just under 30% more cases—we haven’t had to add one more staff member globally. This is amazing. It’s only used in 11 ranges in our product offering, so the best is yet to come!”
Graham Rowlands
SVP, Global Sales and Operations, KEF

The Solution:
Launch Mavenoid’s Self-Service Assistant with Real-Time Translation and Search Engine Optimization

KEF began its partnership with Mavenoid by concentrating on four speaker models. The goal was a 30% self-service resolution rate (SSR), which was quickly eclipsed by a 60%+ SSR. Graham Rowlands, SVP of Global Sales and Operations at KEF, attributes this success directly to Mavenoid’s proprietary AI model, which provides continuous analysis and insight into customer support journeys. Using Mavenoid’s insights, KEF can iterate and refine its self-service support process and enhance the overall customer experience.

With the success of the initial rollout, KEF expanded Mavenoid into 11 product ranges and integrated our Virtual Assistant into its KEF Connect app, which now sees over 50% of self-service cases. Additionally, KEF interconnects its customer service teams using Mavenoid’s integration with Salesforce Service Cloud and can use Mavenoid’s AI-powered translation engine to handle live support in over 50 languages.

Mavenoid’s Virtual Assistant is now an integral part of KEF’s customer service teams. Increasing efficiency for its tier-one representatives and acting as an internal search engine for KEF’s extensive knowledge base and manuals, the Assistant surfaces the exact content needed to address customer inquiries. In Rowlands' words, representatives can effectively use Mavenoid to “Google search” their documentation database for solutions and provide assistance faster than ever.

With Mavenoid, KEF can complete its vision for an omnichannel, customer-centric approach to product support. Even after years of partnering, Rowlands believes KEF has only scratched the surface of our platform's potential. In the coming years, KEF plans to integrate Mavenoid’s AI assistant deeper into its operations.

Key Features Implemented

AI-Guided Self-Service Troubleshooting
Mavenoid helps customers find solutions quickly with simple diagnostic questions.

Real-Time Translation
Multilingual support for over 50 languages allows customer service representatives to assist customers in any market using any of their support documentation across regions and languages.

Actionable Insights
Content gap analysis, dashboards with key metrics, and regular insights from qualitative feedback make maintaining and improving self-service easy.

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