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Introducing Mavenoid’s Flow Advisor

The world’s best tech support teams know the importance of learning. In order to better fix customers’ issues — rather than just deflect them— support teams need to adapt based on these feedback loops to continuously improve. In the new support trend towards self-service, the importance of smart feedback is even more critical.

At Mavenoid, we recognize the importance of consistent improvement within our tool and for our customers, and are excited to introduce our latest solution “Flow Advisor.” Read on to gain insights on how Flow Advisor works, what makes it so novel, and how it will improve your team's product support efficiency.

What is Flow Advisor?

Flow Advisor was built specifically to help customer service teams constantly improve their support. By operationalizing AI suggestions to create vital feedback loops and leveraging machine learning for continuous improvement, Flow Advisor helps your product assistant actually get better over time.

Flow Advisor accomplishes this by identifying and providing AI and agent feedback directly to your product assistant, giving you customized suggestions based on your customers’ needs and issues based on suggestions from live support agents, other modelers, and Mavenoid’s own AI.

We have seamlessly integrated Flow Advisor into the Mavenoid platform, so it will appear in your feeds (where you can see them via the top menu) and on your modeling canvas, where the suggestions will appear contextually.

By allowing support team members to easily review and incorporate agent and AI feedback into your product assistant, your self-service offer not only gets stronger but does so more quickly than if AI was trying to train itself.

How does Flow Advisor work?

To understand how Flow Advisor works, it is essential to understand the key components that make it up. There are four main parts to Flow Advisor: agent suggestions, team comments, AI suggestions, and AI gap analysis. Let’s break these areas down to comprehend what they are and how they provide your support team with actionable feedback.

Agent suggestions

Agent suggestions establish the feedback loop between your live support agents and self-service. New solutions provided by live agents can be sent as feedback that can be incorporated into your product assistant in just a few clicks. Over time, these agent suggestions increase the automation ability of your self-service assistant.

Team comments

Team comments create a space for collaboration on support content and make it easier for your team to exchange ideas and feedback. This feature enables your colleagues (or Mavenoid’s super-modelers) to provide feedback and ideas on the assistant’s content as a whole or on specific areas. This feature is especially valuable for companies with a team of support content creators and reviewers who want to engage more colleagues in collaboration.

AI suggestions

Our AI scrapes the internet— searching web pages, forums, sites, and more— to identify useful information to incorporate into your support setup. These AI suggestions provide your team with inspiration for new problems, questions, answers, and solutions that might be relevant for customers, and provide those suggestions within the right context.

AI gap analysis

You probably can list off the top 2-3 most common product issues but at a certain point, it’s hard to track each unique problem. That’s where AI gap analysis comes in. It does the number-crunching for you, analyzing your customer search data to highlight queries that may not be covered by your existing self-service model. The feature shows up as a top list of the most impactful customer request topics, so you know where to focus on creating new support content.

What makes Flow Advisor different?

Flow Advisor analyses and prioritizes improvements for you to approve. There is no need to comb through session logs and analytics.

  • Flow Advisor finds problems and solutions, writes up the descriptions and creates your logical connections, all at once. With our feature there is no need to write these problems and solutions from scratch, all you have to do is just review and publish!
  • Flow Advisor provides you with context behind its suggestion, as well as control over your content improvements. It does the heavy lifting and does not leave you in the dark for why it’s making its specific suggestions. This is much better than other solutions where they just provide feedback without context, an intimidating “black box” approach.
  • Flow Advisor encourages and enables your whole team to collaborate on support content. Instead of pushing humans out, it promotes human + AI collaboration right within the tool.

How will Flow Advisor drive positive results?

Flow Advisor is the seamless smart improvement solution that gives you intelligent results to resolve your customers’ issues and support your customer service teams. There are multiple positive results that come from implementing this feature into the platform. However, the top five take-aways you will see from implementing Flow Advisor are:

  • Decreased time to launch
  • Closed feedback loops
  • Increased self-service efficiency
  • Improved team collaboration
  • Decreased content maintenance effort and improved content scalability

Implement Mavenoid’s Flow Advisor

We are constantly adapting our product to make tech support more efficient. Flow Advisor is just one example of how Mavenoid assists companies’ support needs and makes product support more efficient.

Improve your product support with Mavenoid’s Flow Advisor!