Support automation that gets the job done

Customers want immediate, around-the-clock support that actually fixes their product problems. Companies want happier, more efficient teams and lower support costs. With Mavenoid self-service you can have both.

Mavenoid lets you automate the most costly time-thief for support teams: repetitive troubleshooting. By putting your product support on autopilot, your customers can fix hardware issues on their own and get back to using your products without being put on hold.
65% of hardware support agents’ time is spent on long but routine requests, many of which can be self-served.

Self-service that really works

Less chitchat, more problem-solving

Common chatbots are made to handle simple requests and promote leisurely conversations, but they are not particularly good at problem-solving. Studies show they're only successful about 9% of the time. Mavenoid, on the other hand, is built to solve real issues — like making your customers’ products work again if they suddenly stop.

An assistant that understands hardware

Mavenoid’s AI powers both intent recognition and diagnostic problem-solving. It can quickly identify what customers are asking for and efficiently direct them to the right solution.

“Mavenoid created a complete support automation solution using our data in a very short time.”
Thomas Heiermann
Managing Director,
After Sales Service, Medion

Put all your knowledge to work

It’s not uncommon that support content becomes scattered between different sources and formats. Users have trouble finding answers and need to trawl through dense PDFs. Mavenoid can quickly collect and process all that existing content and make it accessible to users from one place — searchable and neatly presented. Your gathered knowledge will become more useful than ever before.

Automate in all steps of the user journey

From choosing the right product, to setup, to troubleshooting, to purchasing upgrades and add-ons. Mavenoid's product assistant gives your customers useful guidance at every step of the way.

Integrate with your existing workflows

Connect Mavenoid to popular tools your team uses to synchronize customer conversations and have all their support information in one place. Use pre-built actions to easily set up new ticket creation, ticket updates, and sending and pulling data from your CRM platform.

Build a unique support experience

The flexible Flow Builder allows you to create precisely the self-service experience you need, from simple FAQs to powerful diagnostic troubleshooting. Our AI can even do the groundwork for you, and keeps giving you suggestions for improvements as you build.