AI-powered support automation for home appliances

Mavenoid leverages the best of human hardware expertise and cutting-edge tech to create an end-to-end customer experience platform that delivers exceptional home appliances.

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Leading home appliance brands run their product support on Mavenoid

40% less time spent on warranty claims

40% less time spent on warranty claims

40% less time spent on warranty claims

40% less time spent on warranty claims

40% less time spent on warranty claims

40% less time spent on warranty claims

Why choose Mavenoid?

Minimize field calls, maximize automated resolutions

Unlock unparalleled efficiency and customer satisfaction by empowering your customers to troubleshoot their issues on their own using our intuitive support automation platform.

Increase sales, streamline warranty management, reduce non-faulty returns – all on one platform

Mavenoid's comprehensive solution allows you automate key use scenarios from pre-sales to troubleshooting, creating an end-to-end customer journey for all of your products.

Deliver great customer experiences that delight and retain clients

Create best-in-class support experience with intuitive troubleshooting flows, localized support content, and instant issue resolutions.

How does it work?

AI-powered product assistant

Boost your customer satisfaction and reduce the amount of service calls with efficient support flows that automate repetitive tasks and provide best-in-class self-service resolution rates.

Omnichannel support: one solution for all your needs

Connect with your customers through the platforms they use. Be it SEO, website, app, or other channels, our seamless solution ensures your support services are always within your customer's reach.

Automated content generation, translation, and optimization

Mavenoid's AI can help you generate, translate, analyze and optimize support content, freeing up time for your support team and ensuring your customers receive the most relevant and effective assistance possible.

 “Mavenoid enables us to provide high-quality troubleshooting to our customers without delay, whilst also providing knowledge within our service department in ways we couldn’t before.”
Tobias Hagberg
Regional Manager, Cylinda Service

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Customer story
Cylinda’s customers resolve 37% of troubleshooting issues on their own

Mavenoid has empowered Cylinda to better serve those complex requests by providing context and potential solutions via the decision support feature—reducing the need for agents to dive into manuals while on calls with customers.

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Customer story
Improved online troubleshooting leads to 70% more customers helping themselves

With Mavenoid, BSH has increased the likelihood of a customer solving their own problem by 70%.

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Less Chat, More Problem Solving

Learn how Mavenoid solves problems
too complex for chatbots

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