AI-powered support automation for consumer electronics

Mavenoid leverages the best of human hardware expertise and cutting-edge tech to create an end-to-end customer experience platform that delivers exceptional consumer electronics support.

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Leading consumer electronics brands run their product support on Mavenoid

40% less time spent on warranty claims

40% less time spent on warranty claims

40% less time spent on warranty claims

40% less time spent on warranty claims

40% less time spent on warranty claims

40% less time spent on warranty claims

Why choose Mavenoid?

Reduce the amount of support tickets and save time

Mavenoid helps you automate troubleshooting and provide instant solutions to your customers, reducing the volume of support tickets.

Delight customers with efficient, personalized support

Using IoT, we extract maximum information about your customer's device to provide fast, proactive, and personalized support.

Minimize unnecessary returns and associated costs

Leverage our advanced diagnostic approach to accurately identify and resolve issues, significantly reducing non-faulty returns and saving your business and customers time and money.

How does it work?

AI-powered product assistant

Boost your customer satisfaction and reduce call center load with automated diagnostic support flows providing best-in-class self-service resolution rates.

Automated content generation, translation, and optimization

Mavenoid's AI can help you generate, translate, analyze and optimize support content, freeing up time for your support team and ensuring your customers receive the most relevant and effective assistance possible.

Robust integrations with your support tech stack

Our flexible integrations with products like Zendesk or Salesforce allow us to consolidate and enrich your view of customer interactions, ensuring you always have a comprehensive understanding of your customer's experience.

“Mavenoid created a complete support automation solution using our data in a very short time.”
Thomas Heiermann
Managing Director,
After Sales Service, Medion

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Customer story
Jabra uses Mavenoid to reduce time spent on warranty claims by more than 40%

Mavenoid’s product assistant is able to correctly enter 90% of tickets into the claims process, while simultaneously reducing manual handling time by 41%.

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