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Pura’s Support Team Sees Sharp Reduction in Tickets by Achieving 76+% Self-Service Resolution Rate

Pura allows users to customize and control their scent experience with app-controlled fragrance diffusers for their home and car. Pura also offers a marketplace with exclusive scents from world-class perfumers and trusted brands.
The Mavenoid Effect
  • Interactive Dynamic Help Center that reflects Pura’s branding
  • 76+% self-service resolution rate
  • 58% YoY decrease in live support conversations

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Pura Digital Product Manager, Noall Foxley, covers how Pura doubled down on its customer-centric, self-service-first approach to product support and created a customer care economy powered by Mavenoid.

The Challenge:
Modernize Pura’s Customer Support Approach With a Dynamic Self-Service Solution

Years ago, Pura initially implemented a traditional help center with static content to support the launch of its self-service features. However, as the company grew and customer feedback about the effectiveness of its self-service options mounted, there was a clear need to prioritize customer-centric self-service options that better aligned with Pura’s values.

At the time, Pura’s support options were available in-app and on its website, but customer support lacked automation and AI capabilities that could help it resolve more customer issues. The traditional help center could not surface relevant information quickly, and customers could not troubleshoot without submitting tickets to Pura’s customer support team.

The Pura support team found that its product support solution was lacking ease of use, content management, and customization. The team wanted to ensure that customers looking for Pura support were finding the content without the need to involve a live agent, that the content was updated (or could be updated quickly), and that Pura’s distinctive branding carried throughout the self-service experience and wasn’t disjointed from its main website. To bridge this gap, Pura needed a more engaging virtual solution that customers trusted could solve their product questions.

“Having our challenges mapped out allowed us to create a new vision for what we wanted the help center to embody, which was to create an interactive help center that embodies the essence of Pura, where customers feel as delighted with our self-service options as they are with our fragrances. From there, we decided to move forward with Mavenoid’s Dynamic Help Center.”
Noall Foxley
Digital Product Manager

The Solution:
Comprehensive Self-Service Product Support Options that Put Customers in Control

Pura built its support response workflows with a multi-channel support system that focused on self-service. Pura implemented Mavenoid’s virtual assistant throughout its website and app to provide the quickest and easiest access to troubleshooting. 

In addition to Mavenoid’s Virtual Assistant, Pura’s customer care includes Mavenoid’s Dynamic Help Center, which uses AI to modernize the traditional help center by delivering support documentation that is tailored to each customer’s needs. According to Pura’s Digital Product Manager Noall Foxley, creating a support system with multiple tools, people, and resources ensures Pura delivers the “delightful experience” Pura customers expect.

Since implementing Mavenoid into its tech stack, Pura’s support team has seen stand-out improvements in user engagement, customer satisfaction (CSAT) scores, support ticket reduction, and content accessibility. Most notably, Pura regularly achieves a 76% self-resolution rate. According to Foxley, a true customer experience dream was seeing a live support conversations decrease by 58% YoY despite triple digit growth in overall volume. Though skeptical at first, Pura verified and confirmed through the data that the reduction in tickets was a direct result of an increase in successful self-service.

In Foxley’s words, “Listening to your customer does pay off, and… we’ve been thrilled with these outcomes.”

Key features implemented

Al-Guided Self-Service Troubleshooting
Mavenoid helps customers narrow down possible solutions quickly with simple diagnostic questions.

Actionable Insights
Proactive support content gap analysis, dashboards with key metrics, and regular insights from qualitative feedback make maintaining and improving self-service quality easy.

Streamlined Support Content Localization
Built-in translation management capabilities help scale support content quickly across thousands of products, regions, languages, and brands.

Smart Escalation
Requests that need a human touch are automatically routed to the right person, along with the case history.

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