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Markem-Imaje Uses AI to Automate Resolution of Support Tickets and Boost Human Agents' Productivity

Markem-Imaje, a Dover company, is a global leader in delivering intelligent identification and traceability solutions, services and expertise to empower their customers with the right information across the supply chain—keeping products authentic, safe and connected. Markem-Imaje is serving their customers through 41 direct offices in 28 countries and through 280 partners across the globe.
The Mavenoid Effect

The Challenge: Delivering Fast and Consistent Support 24/7 

For Markem-Imaje, a producer of coding and marking technology and provider of intelligent identification solutions, every second counts. Their customers depend on their hardware and software solutions to print codes on their products in various production environments, and any downtime can be extremely costly. 

To prevent that, Markem-Imaje had to ensure their organizational support was always ready to help, with expertise, quality and urgency'. They also had to find a way to use new digital tools and channels to automate resolution of straightforward repetitive support questions, letting their skilled engineers focus on more challenging cases.

"Mavenoid has been a game-changer for us. We can now provide faster and more personalized support to our customers, while also improving the reliability of our machines and exploring new service offerings. Mavenoid helps us understand our customers’ needs and challenges better, and we integrate their feedback into our product development cycle."
Jack Rijnenberg
Manager Self Service, Knowledge Management and Service tools

The Solution: More Personalized and Reliable Support 

For the past 5+ years, Markem-Imaje has been focusing on the digitalization and personalization of their tools, using AI to offer relevant information to their customers based on their profiles and applications. Back in 2019, the printing equipment manufacturer began partnering with Mavenoid to understand their customers’ needs and challenges, and to offer them faster and more personalized support. 

Using Mavenoid allowed them to reach the highest standard of reliability of their machines, and to explore new service offerings. They also started integrating the feedback from their new tools and channels into their product development cycle, onboarding their different divisions, such as service, product, and R&D, into the new possibilities and benefits.

In addition, Mavenoid opened up new possibilities for different services through the platform, such as remote video assistance tools for support agents, that allow them to connect with their customers and guide them through troubleshooting steps. 

Today, Mavenoid is implemented across multiple channels and touchpoints to provide seamless and consistent support to Markem-Imaje customers. Their global website features Mavenoid’s AI-powered Product Assistant that can guide customers to resolution. Their machines also have QR codes that customers can scan to access guided troubleshooting and self-service solutions. Their customer portal also integrates Mavenoid’s technology, allowing business partners to access relevant support resources and tools in seconds. 

Mavenoid is being used for troubleshooting – to diagnose and resolve common issues with Markem-Imaje equipment, warranty claims management, and more. Markem-Imaje also uses live agent escalation functionality that allows Mavenoid to connect customers with a live agent from their support team, if the issue is complex or requires human intervention.

Key Features Implemented

Al-guided self-service troubleshooting
Mavenoid helps customers to narrow down possible solutions fast with simple diagnostic questions.

AI retrieval
Mavenoid’s AI retrieval puts all of the existing manuals and documentation to work, making sure that the right content is available and searchable to users, and allowing the brand to locate the most relevant parts of support documentation in a matter of seconds.

Live support
Markem-Imaje uses Co-pilot, a remote assistance tool, that allows them to connect with their customers and guide them through troubleshooting steps.

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