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Hoppy Resolves 51% of Their Customer’s Support Inquiries Automatically with Mavenoid+Joyride

A provider of on-demand electric scooters and e-bikes, Hoppy has become one of the fastest-growing micromobility brands in Europe. Hoppy partnered with global mobility platform Joyride to provide a custom application alongside fleet management but the operator was still faced with the challenge of scaling customer support efficiently while growing the rest of the business.
The Mavenoid Effect
  • 24 days time from kick-off to go-live
  • 51% self-service resolution rate
  • 4 languages with full self-service and live support

The challenge:
Scaling support and operations as a fast-growing mobility brand

Hoppy’s support requests increased alongside ridership. Common time-consuming requests such as customer challenges with starting and ending a ride or parking became more burdensome on the team and operations.

Hoppy needed a support solution that integrated seamlessly with the Joyride platform. On the backend, it was required to work effortlessly with Hoppy's application and internal processes, while on the frontend it had to provide effective automation for customers. The level of resources needed to both support the business, as well as the time and effort needed to implement a support solution, was a growing concern for Hoppy’s leadership.

“Mavenoid provides a huge value-add for our mobility partners. With the seamless integration into Joyride’s platform, our customers can barely lift a finger and get cost-saving support automation live in less than a month.”
Vince Cifani
Founder & CEO, Joyride

The solution:
Effective, 24/7, multi-language automated support in under a month

When explaining their internal needs to Joyride for seamless support integration alongside resource constraints, Hoppy also had to cater to their customers with around-the-clock support in four different languages. Speed was of the essence.

Luckily, via Joyride’s direct integration with Mavenoid, Hoppy could check all of their boxes. By simply pasting a URL into the admin section of the Joyride app, Mavenoid’s AI-powered product assistant became immediately available to users in the application’s help desk.

From kickoff to go-live, Hoppy was able to have automated self-service support directly in their Joyride application in less than 24 days. Addressing the most common support issues, such as starting and ending rides, parking, questions around cost, and how-to guides, Hoppy's users now self-resolve 51% of support inquiries using Mavenoid — a huge time and cost burden off of the Hoppy team.

Key features implemented

Joyride + Mavenoid integration
A direct integration between Joyride and Mavenoid allows for easy setup, seamless communication, and quick deployment of Mavenoid within the Joyride platform.

Multi-language support
Both the automated product assistant and live support are offered in the customer’s preferred language.

Live agent support
In-depth insights into clients' problems, user searches, product gaps, self-service flows efficiency, etc., enabling the live agent to get a complete picture of their client's needs.

Natural language understanding
Advanced semantic search allows customers to explain problems in their own words. The system interprets their intent and guides them to the right content.

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