Troubleshoot Smarter

Capture all of your diagnostic information in one platform and
make anyone an expert troubleshooter

Human-Driven Problem Solving

We are transforming the way organizations diagnose and solve problems

Make Everyone an Expert

Capture the diagnostic knowledge of your experts in one single platform and make it available via an easy-to-use interface. Reduce the time it takes to train new employees.

Solve Problems Faster

Reduce resolution times through Mavenoid’s powerful and flexible computational framework designed to augment the human user’s decision at each step.

Improve Automatically

Continuously improve the troubleshooting process with machine learning based on the collective experience of your entire workforce.

Make Better Decisions

Take the optimal decision given the available information even in the face of extreme uncertainty.

Minimize Human Error

Avoid accidents and breakdowns due to human error, while keeping human judgment and accountability in the loop.

Save Money

Minimize the replacement of parts for which no fault can later be found and the bloated inventory that goes with it.

Some of Our Projects

From cloud-connected trucks to mission-critical military systems

Diagnose. Solve. Learn.

Troubleshooting like you’ve never seen it before


Model diagnostic information and troubleshoot problems in a way that reflects how people actually think.


Get an accurate diagnosis even with user input errors, missing values and noisy data. Handle conflicting information and unexpected situations gracefully.

Mavenoid question and diagnoses


Take the shortest path to a reliable diagnosis. The most probable root causes are updated in real-time.


Answer questions in the order you want rather than being forced down a certain path. Try different answers and instantly see how they impact the diagnosis.


Your Diagnostic Infrastructure

Organize and manage all of your diagnostic data in one place

Mavenoid’s platform is based on our proven approach for combining human knowledge and judgment with large amounts of data and machine learning. On top of this platform, we build products that push the envelope of troubleshooting.

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Easily Manage All of Your Knowledge

With our human-centric knowledge management, it’s orders of magnitude easier to grow your garden of troubleshooting knowledge while keeping it up-to-date.

Blend human knowledge with data

Seamlessly integrate large amounts of diagnostic data from multiple sources with expert knowledge, then improve your troubleshooting capability with usage.

Mavenoid is like an operating system for troubleshooting.

Diagnostic data wants to be digital

It’s time to kill the troubleshooting manual

Troubleshooting knowledge lives in paper manuals and digital manuals, in log files and legacy systems, in the heads of experts and as best practices. We start with bringing it all together in one environment.

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Single-spring plate clutch

The future of troubleshooting is here.