Our Platform

All your company’s troubleshooting knowledge at your fingertips

10x Knowledge Management

With Mavenoid’s human-centric approach to knowledge management combined with machine learning, it’s an order of magnitude easier (and cheaper) to keep diagnostic knowledge up-to-date compared with standard methods.

Open and Extensible

Mavenoid is a fundamentally open platform that is extensible at all layers of the stack. Our open API makes it easy to build new applications and integrate with your existing systems. With our open data format you’re forever free to export your own data.

Forever Compatible

Think of Mavenoid as a layer on top of your existing systems, leveraging previous investments without ever locking you in to a particular approach or format. For example, it’s straightforward to convert an entire decision tree to our more flexible and efficient format.

Our Technologies

The three main layers of Mavenoid’s platform


MavenKB is the enterprise knowledge base created by Mavenoid to model diagnostic knowledge in a natural, flexible and efficient way. It comes with a Knowledge Management application as well as a suit of simple and powerful command-line tools.


Mavenoid Falcon is the stateless diagnosis engine at the heart of the platform. For example, it efficiently computes the probability of root causes given symptoms and other data, and updates estimates in real-time if any input changes.


Druid is Mavenoid’s intelligent query engine that is the basis for building human-driven question and answering systems. For example, it handles real-time ranking of questions presented to a human operator based on the uncertainty in the situation, expected gains and costs of answers, and other factors.

Our Applications

On top of our platform, we build applications for human-driven troubleshooting and diagnostics


Mavenoid Troubleshooter is our question and answering system for human-driven problem solving. We designed it to be flexible, fast and fun.

Knowledge Manager

Mavenoid Knowledge Manager lets expert users model, mange and keep track of all diagnostic data and knowledge in the organization.

Custom Applications

We partner with organizations to build new troubleshooting and diagnostics applications. Without reinventing the wheel.

Approaches to Diagnosis

  • Property
    1. Easy to interpret
    2. Works well with small amounts of training data
    3. Robust against noise and input errors
    4. Handles uncertainty and unexpected situations
    5. Quick to build or train
    6. Easy to update and maintain

  • Decision Tree

  • Neural Network

  • Bayesian Network

The future of troubleshooting is here.