On-demand webinar

AI + People:
A hybrid approach to CX

January 17, 10-10.30 AM CET

Jared Accettura, Mavenoid Head of Sales Development

Learn how to use the hybrid support model to improve customer satisfaction and support agent efficiency.

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What we'll cover

Inaction clearly isn’t an option. To drive satisfaction and loyalty in a highly competitive market, your business must invest in a strong customer experience across all areas—including product support.

In our digitally connected age, customers expect instant, around-the-clock resolution via any channel. The best way to provide that? Implementing a hybrid support model that leverages the best of AI and humans—meeting customers where they are to provide the right level of support, at the right time.

Key takeaways

Understand how to strike the right balance between self-service and human support

How to optimize for customer-retention

Learn how to set up omnichannel support