Frictionless product support

Mavenoid packs self-service and live support in one powerful toolbox. You’ll be able to serve more customers with less effort, and reach solutions faster than ever before.

Smarter self-service

Automated troubleshooting that works

Take care of tough problems that chatbots and help centers can’t handle.

Put any support flow on autopilot

FAQs, usage instructions, problem-solving and ordering of spare parts. All automated so more customers can help themselves.

Built for humans

Describe questions with text or speech. Narrow down possible solutions fast with simple diagnostic questions.

Speedier live support

Accessible for all—no apps, no downloads.

Take customers seamlessly from self-service to live video or chat. It’s all in the browser and starts with a single click.

Less friction, faster solutions

Type or talk. Send images and files, draw on the screen, take screenshots. Live support has never been more intuitive.

Real-time decision support for your agents

Mavenoid suggests the most probable solutions and learns through feedback loops.

Explore Live Support

Bring all your knowledge to life

Teachable AI

By combining human knowledge with machine learning, you can set up and launch your virtual expert in days, not months.

Continuous improvement

Learn from each and every interaction, and step in at any time to update your virtual expert with common sense.

Everything in one place

Organize know-how spread out across manuals, tickets, websites, wikis, FAQs, and the minds of your workforce, under one single model.

Gain new insights

Deeper insights

Uncover the root causes of your support requests, and target your most pressing issues.

Custom metrics

Track resolution rate, customer satisfaction, and more to understand how you’re doing.

Fast bug detection

Detect and act quickly on production errors or failed updates.

Integrate with your existing workflow

Plug and Play

Embed Mavenoid into your app or website by pasting one line of code, or use our API.


Integrate with your favorite CRM and start watching solved tickets appear.

Smart escalation

Seamlessly hand off the case via email or chat to the right person in your support team

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Mavenoid can
handle it

  • Self-service
  • Troubleshooting
  • Live Chat & Video
  • Setup & Installation
  • FAQs

Automate your tech support now

Get started with your first virtual expert in less than 20 minutes.

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