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How to get micromobility support right

In the super-competitive micromobility market, maintaining happy customers is key to staying in the game. Follow these proven strategies to provide exceptional support to your users.

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Around the world, electric scooters, bikes, and mopeds are transforming urban life as we know it—and consumers can’t get enough. Study after study shows that micromobility is here to stay. But in an ultra-competitive industry, companies have to be highly strategic as they scale.

In this guide, we share five proven strategies for providing exceptional micromobility support, along with testimonials from two industry experts: Oliver Bruce, host of The Micromobility Podcast, and Andrew Miles, Head of the Joyride Alliance and Partnerships at Joyride.

The guide is produced in partnership between Joyride, Micromobility, and Mavenoid.

Actionable strategies from industry experts with 10+ years experience in micromobility

Understand how to strike the right balance between self-service and human support

How to optimize for customer-retention

Learn how to set up omnichannel support

Insights from industry experts

Oliver Bruce
Host of The Micromobility Podcast
Andrew Miles
Head of the Joyride Alliance and Partnerships at Joyride