Mavenoid’s guides to better support

Our guide series aims to provide the know-how needed to build and grow a world-class support function. Learn from actionable tips, checklists, industry reports and much more.

Navigating AI in hardware support

AI may seem complex, but applying it to hardware support doesn’t have to be. Embark on your AI journey together with Mavenoid.

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Hardware support insights report 2022 edition

Experts from the world's leading hardware companies share their unique challenges, characteristics, and tips for improved hardware support.

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How to unite humans and AI for better CX

The hybrid support model helps businesses meet users where they are, curb customer dissatisfaction, and drive lasting brand loyalty.

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10 dos and don'ts of tech support

Actionable tips for meeting modern customer needs, building a strong omnichannel strategy, and resolving product support issues in record time.

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How to get hardware support right

We partnered with Support Driven to define what hardware support is and how companies with physical products need to think about.

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How to get consumer electronics support right

Start providing exceptional consumer electronics support while reducing operational costs and driving revenue.

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How to get micromobility support right

We share five proven strategies for providing exceptional micromobility support, along with testimonials from two industry experts.

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5 tips for scaling your tech support

Ready to ensure an excellent customer experience at every stage of growth? Learn how to scale without compromising customer happiness.

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How to get consumer audio support right

Improve your support for consumer audio products, and learn from innovative strategies applied by industry leaders.

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Five trends in smart home product support

Stay ahead of the curve in the smart home product market and set up your customer support teams for success in this rapidly evolving industry.

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Five trends in home appliance support

Get on top of the latest in the home appliance market and adapt your customer support to the fast-changing demands of customers.

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Why chatbots suck, and what you need to do about it

How helpful are chatbots, really? In this guide, we’ll explore how to make them work for customer support.

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