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Show. Talk. Point. Draw.

Video is the new standard for communication, for everyone. Your customers are not only comfortable with using video, they expect to find all the tools they use daily in consumer apps, like drawing on the screen or sharing images.

We’ve made these powerful tools extremely simple and intuitive, so that customers can explain their problems without friction, and you can reach a solution faster than ever before.


Repetitive requests are solved by customers themselves before they reach your support team. From FAQs to advanced troubleshooting.


Requests that need a human touch are automatically escalated to your support team. Customers never have to repeat themselves.


Sometimes you need to take a closer look. Solve highly complex and unique problems without the need for physical site-visits.

Video completes your support platformMavenoid takes the customer seamlessly between self‑service, chat, and video, without losing one bit of information along the way. By balancing cost and time, it finds the fastest and most suitable path to solution. It’s optimal both for customers and for your support team.
The dashboard gives your agents superpowers

Advanced decision support

Based on answers from the current and previous customers, Mavenoid surfaces context and suggests the most probable solutions in real-time to your agents.

The agent makes the AI smarter,
which makes the agent smarter

The platform keeps learning from every interaction. When tickets are solved, new information is immediately made available to the other members of the team.
The right tools at the right time

Depending on your needs, you can use the new chat and video tools stand-alone, or in combination with Mavenoid’s self-service.

Guided self-service can take care of up to 80% percent of incoming tickets before they even reach your agents. It dramatically reduces the workload and makes sure your support team has time for the really tricky stuff.

Plug-and-play with your existing workflow

You probably already use helpdesk software to organize support tickets. Great! Mavenoid integrates seamlessly with the majority of systems, and creates transcripts of solved cases.

Let Mavenoid handle it

  • Triage of incoming requests
  • Instructions for setup and use
  • Self-service troubleshooting
  • Live video and chat support
  • Decision support for agents

Get started with video support

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