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Try automated technical support during Covid-19

With the Mavenoid widget on your website, you allow customers to solve problems without help from your human agents. It takes care of repetitive requests and finds solutions fast.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, we’ll help you automate basic tasks at no charge, plus you get free use until the end of the year.

Reduce workload for your team with automated support

Mavenoid separates and solves repetitive requests. Only the tickets that need a human agent are forwarded. It dramatically reduces the ticket volume your team needs to deal with.

In this offer, we’ll help you automate basic support tasks such as helping customers to install and use their products and answering common questions.

Plug-and-play with your existing workflow

You probably already use helpdesk software to organize support tickets. Great! Mavenoid integrates seamlessly with the majority of systems. It creates transcripts of solved cases, and escalates automatically to the right person if a problem requires human touch.

Why now?

  • Replace on-site visits and physical returns with self-service.
  • Serve more customers with limited staff. Prepare for quarantines and lockdowns.
  • See results in days, not months.

The offer

  • Mavenoid trains the product assistant for you.
  • Live on your website within 14 days.
  • Free use of basic product until end of the year. No commitments.
From printers and speakers to dishwashers and robots. Mavenoid powers product support for the world’s most iconic brands.See customer stories

Free online webinar series

Improve your customer support during lockdowns

Learn how to use automation to tackle the most acute challenges for support teams during the covid-19 pandemic. The webinars are held by Tilda Sander, Head of Growth at Mavenoid.

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Next step: Troubleshooting (not included in the free offer)

Unleash the full power of Mavenoid with automated troubleshooting

Troubleshooting is the single most time-consuming task for support teams. It’s where automation really pays off. Mavenoid handles complex troubleshooting, repairs, setup, and configuration like no other.

With Mavenoid, one expert’s knowledge can be used to help ten, a hundred, or a thousand customers simultaneously. You will dramatically lower your cost per contact, while giving customers faster help with ever-consistent service quality.

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